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Book Voucher FAQ

1. What is a book voucher?

A book voucher is an authorization to charge the cost of books and supplies to your student account. You receive this authorization if you have remaining financial aid funds after tuition, fees, and University housing charges (if applicable) are deducted. A book voucher is created so that you can purchase the required books and materials for your courses. Book vouchers may also be used to purchase school supplies depending on your aid situation.

2. How do I know if I have a book voucher?

If your financial aid funds total more than the cost of your tuition and fees, you should receive a book voucher. Your voucher would be automatically generated when you complete the payment process each semester. To check if you’ve been issued a book voucher, log into your Student Connection: you will see a yellow bar near the top of the page indicating the balance of your book voucher if you have one. You must be taking a minimum of 6 credit hours for undergraduate programs and a minimum of 3 credit hours for graduate studies to be eligible for a book voucher. If you think you should have a book voucher but you don’t have one, contact the Bursar’s Office at 1-800-266-6158.

3. How is the amount of my book voucher determined?

Book vouchers are created from the remaining balance of your financial aid funds after tuition, fees, and University housing charges (if applicable) are deducted. If you have excess financial aid, you will be authorized to spend $200 per course you are enrolled in—for example, if you are enrolled in two courses and you have enough excess aid, you would get a $400 voucher authorization. If you don’t have that much excess financial aid available, your voucher may be less— for example, if you only have $100 in excess aid, your voucher may only be authorized for $100.

4. Can I increase the amount of my voucher?

You could potentially increase the amount of your voucher if you had additional financial aid funds remaining after your original voucher was issued. If you believe you may have additional financial aid funds and you need a larger voucher authorization to cover your text and supply needs, contact the Bursar’s office by email at and make your request. They will inform you whether or not your voucher authorization can be increased.

5. When and where can I use my book voucher?

Each semester has a designated period of time when book vouchers are available for use—typically starting around three weeks before the semester begins. You can go to this site to check voucher dates for the current academic year: You may use your voucher at the following locations:

  • At the W. A. Lettinga campus Tyrus R. Wessell Bookstore
  • Online at
  • At the Davenport online bookstore:

6. What can a book voucher be used for?

You can use your book voucher to purchase textbooks, eBooks, and book rentals. Most vouchers can also be used for school supplies and electronics. If you are unsure of whether your voucher covers school supplies and electronics, you can call the Bookstore at the W. A. Lettinga campus at 616-554-4767 and an employee can check your voucher type.

7. What if I don’t use my book voucher?

Funds that are authorized for your voucher but are not used during the voucher period would typically be applied to your refund, although this depends on your financial aid situation. If you are eligible for a financial aid refund, any remaining funds are directed to your selected refund preference.

This information contains general guidelines, so remember that your situation may have unique circumstances. Work with your advisor to get information for your specific situation.