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Davenport Brand and Style Guide

Davenport University’s success is enhanced by its ability to attract new students statewide. One important way to increase the University’s visibility and enhance its image with all audiences is to consistently convey our graphic look and key messages in all our communications.

How to Use This Guide

This guide explains how to use the tools of the DU brand: Our logo, our colors, our messaging and our tagline, for example. Using this guide is extremely important to help ensure that our graphic look and key messaging are consistent to all audiences.

These tools are only a small part of our brand as a whole, however. Our brand is, literally, everything we say and everything we do. It’s the sum total of every experience our students have, from beginning to end. It’s our academic programs; our customer service; all our marketing and communications; the way we answer the phone; how our campuses look; how we solve challenges; everything.

That said, in addition to being consistent we also need to be clear, relevant, likable and memorable. Because every one of us has a part to play in DU’s success. Every one of us is a brand ambassador.

Please delete any previously used graphics and messaging and use those supplied with this guide.

Note: Any communications directed at an external audience must be approved by University Marketing. Email for review or if you have question

In addition to this web site, we also offer a downloadable PDF version of the brand and style guide for printing and
offline viewing.