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Digital Signage Guide

Digital signage is used for announcements, events and department functions posted daily on the TV monitors throughout Davenport campuses.

Design templates provide you with a simple way to help your message meet brand standards.

Please adhere to the templates provided for any digital signage postings. The templates are designed with boxes to drop in copy and visuals in designated areas. Sans serif typeface suggestions are on the following page, so all you have to do is write your copy with a corresponding typeface loaded on your system and drop in the picture that helps communicate your message.

Event Templates

The event templates are designed for you to copy and paste your image or copy in the boxes provided.

To initiate an event template, click on the box. The samples provided on this page show where you can place your headline and visual by clicking on a selected box to add an element like a headline, body copy, visual and, if needed, a caption in the designated box. Please go to the Davenportal and register to begin your digital signage message. Please download the digital template
here (login required).

Hex and RGB color formulas are on this page.

Announcement Templates

The announcement templates are designed for simple, concise messages that allow you to make the headline easy to read from a distance. The headline should be seven words or less.

The template provided allows you to place your headline in black or white depending on the visual you have selected to go in the template.

These templates are best used when your announcement is brief and makes one distinct point. For more than the suggested amount of copy, please use the template formats that accommodate body copy, captions, titles and other elements. Please download the digital template here (login required).