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3-Color Bar Graphics

Color Bars

These 3 color bars can be used together or separately.

They can be used as secondary colors to complement the primary colors in a communication. For the color formulas, please go to the color section of this guide for color specifications.

Type Design With The 3 Color Bars

Red is used with initial cap in the words Business, Technology and Health on external materials used to brand Davenport University (with the exception of television). The colored initial cap is only used when copy size is 14 point or larger.

It is acceptable not to use red on the initial cap when materials have a limited use or when printed in close proximity to a red color field. The color bars can also be set on one line, called tabs.

Bar Dimensions

When using the 3-color bars, specific dimensions need to be followed. Please follow these guidelines, if you have questions regarding any usage outside of these guidelines please call 616-732-1170.

3-Color Bar Configurations

The 3-color bar configurations can be used in communication materials as appropriate to the design or layout. Note: Type does not always have to be used, depending on the communications purpose.

The Mondrian design can be used for ads and collateral material with simple layouts that have minimum copy.

The Tabs design is best suited for letter and web tabs and printed pieces where the tabs are used as a footer for the layout and design.

3-Color Bar Configurations with Davenport Logo

The Davenport logo must always remain vertical no matter which way the color bar is aligned.

Converting Color Bars into Black and White

For black-and-white communications, the color bars can be translated into grey shades.

For other layout options for the 3 grey bars, please go to the Configurations section above.

Note: Depending on your communication piece, all examples do not have to have the words Business, Technology and Health. Use these words whenever possible.