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Typeface standards are an important element in Davenport University’s graphic identity.

All external communications must adhere to these guidelines.

It is important that the selected typeface be used on all branded Davenport communication materials for the University brand image.

Internal communications, such as student organizations and digital signage, are not required to use only these typefaces. If you do not have Davenport Steelfish Bold for headline copy and Helvetica Neue, here are the alternative typefaces recommended.


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Headline Type

The typeface chosen for Davenport University is Davenport Steelfish Bold. The color of the type is designed to be used in PMS Cool Grey #11 or 68% black.

Body Type

For body copy, the correct typeface is Helvetica Neue regular and color is PMS cool grey #11 or 68% black. Body styles like light italic, regular bold condensed and bold condensed are for grammatical emphasis for copy written for appropriate DU marketing materials.

It is acceptable to use 100% black body copy where legibility is questionable.

Standard size/leading: is 10/14.

NOTE: Minimum body copy size 9 point. All legal or copyright lines can be set at 8 point.