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Strategies for Success

As a Davenport University student,  you are encouraged to claim your education by being proactive in your communications with faculty and engaging your course material.

Here are some easy ways to ensure your academic success:

Collect each syllabus from the class prior to class start and review.

Meet with your instructor in the first two weeks (or prior to the start of class) to discuss accommodations and how these would look and function in each particular class.

Make sure to exchange contact information with your instructors so you know the best way to contact the instructor.  Take time to regularly meet with your instructors throughout the semester to seek clarification regarding your academic progress.

Attend EVERY class session, if you are unable to attend class contact the instructor PRIOR to the class start with the reason for missing and the plan of action you will have for making up any missed work or information covered in class.

Read all assignments prior to class.  Complete and submit all assignments on time.  Turing in homework on time ensures you receive credit and the opportunity to have assignments evaluated and returned with valuable feedback.

Connect with other students and gather their contact information so that you have additional resources within the class with which to study, review coursework, etc.

Keep in contact with your instructor and disability services to talk about your progress in class and how your accommodations are working for you.  

Suggested meeting time frame:

  • Before the start of classes
  • After the second week of classes
  • After completion of the first month of classes
  • Prior to midterms
  • Before the final exam/assignment is due

If there are aspects of the class you don’t understand “ask questions” either via email or in class.

Utilize tutoring, and other campus resources. Access the tutoring schedule and attend tutoring sessions for classes in which you may struggle. Begin the semester with this winning strategy.

Keep your syllabi and use it. Know when assignments are due, so you can organize your time.  Use a student planner to keep track of assignments, exams and meetings with faculty.

Use your DU email account. This is where all class announcements will be sent.

Other useful information for success: