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Eligibility and Documentation Requirements

Understanding ADA

It is the policy of Davenport University to comply with the provisions of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act  Amendments of 2008 (ADA-A).

  • Under these provisions, students with disabilities, as defined by the ADA, have the right to equal access to programs, courses, services and activities offered through Davenport.
  • Students who have self-identified, provided documentation of disability and requested reasonable accommodations are entitled to receive approved modifications of programs, appropriate academic adjustments or auxiliary aids that enable them to participate in and benefit from educational programs and activities while still completing all course and program requirements.
  • To receive individualized disability accommodations through Davenport, students should register with the Student Access Coordinator at their home campus.

Davenport University is committed to serving all students with disabilities both in and out of the classroom. Davenport University is committed to analyzing the appropriate application of any and all auxiliary aids or services based on the individual needs of students on a case-by-case basis. Any student with a documented disability is eligible to request services through Student Access.  A Student Access Coordinator has been assigned at each campus.  Each student has the responsibility to notify his/her Student Access Coordinator should they seek accommodations with the University and complete all documentation to begin this process.  Once approved, individualized accommodation plans are developed for each student.  After receiving his/her individualized accommodation plan, each student is responsible for notifying his or her faculty member for each class in which they choose to utilize accommodations.


All disability-related documentation is treated as medical information and is secured separately from academic records. This information is shared only on a limited, need-to-know basis within the institution. The student has the right to determine with whom to disclose his/her disability.

Are You Eligible for Accommodations?

Davenport University is required by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act to provide effective services for qualified students. If you have a documented disability and need accommodations to provide you with equitable access to DU programs and services, our Student Access department can help.

What is a Qualified Disability?

Federal law defines a disability as “a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities.”

Major life activities are defined as the ability to perform functions such as walking, seeing, hearing, speaking, breathing, learning, working or taking care of oneself.

NOTE: The disability in and of itself does not necessarily constitute an impairment. The degree of impairment must be significant enough to “substantially limit” one or more major life activities.

Documentation Requirements

It is acceptable for Davenport University to require documentation of disabilities when a student with a disability requests accommodation in regard to that disability. Davenport University requires all students to complete an Accommodations Request Form and the appropriate Verification of Disability form(s)(downloadable forms below). Please note that neither an IEP (individual education plan) nor an SOP (summary of performance) is an acceptable form of documentation.

Physical Disability: When physical disabilities are an issue, the information on the Verification Form for Physical Impairment/Disabilities, Hearing Impairment/Deaf Disabilities, Visual Impairment/Blind Disabilities, Chronic Health Disabilities, or Acquired Brain Injuries/Disabilities must describe the disability and the limitations and recommend specific accommodations.

Learning/Psychological Disability: In order to expedite requests for accommodation, the Verification Form for Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Psychological Disability must include the following documentation:

  • For a Learning Disability or Attention Deficit Disorder, and for Psychological Disability, the form must prepared by a licensed professional qualified to make such a diagnosis. The person completing the form must have firsthand knowledge of the student’s condition and must be an impartial professional who is not related to the student.
  • Include testing procedures followed, instruments used to assess disability, test results and an interpretation of test results; reflect the individual’s present achievement level, be as comprehensive as possible, adequately assess cognitive abilities and learning potential, and be based on evaluation that has been completed or substantially updated within three years of the student’s request for services.
  • A diagnosis of a Learning Disability/ADD or Psychological Disability must still meet the threshold showing a substantial limitation of a major life activity.

All Disabilities: The requesting student shall authorize Davenport University to release pertinent records to the Director of Student Access who shall carefully and diligently interpret these documents for Davenport University if accommodations are requested.

Students with approved disabilities will be provided with effective, reasonable individualized accommodations and/or services that will allow them to complete all course work and degree requirements, including internships or externships. An effective reasonable accommodation may or may not be the student's first choice. Mitigating factors that the student must provide or take responsibility for will also be considered in determining whether the student has a covered disability and any need for accommodation. Accommodations will not be retroactive.