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Professional Development Alumni

A Career is a Lifelong Journey That Starts Today:

Davenport University helps plan all phases of your career. Our Professional Development Plan starts the day you begin at DU and lasts a lifetime. This plan is key to your career success. Career Services coaches you through every step. Access this tool throughout the duration of your career to guide your career growth by following the process below and revisit any area any time! Contact Career Services for more and supplemental information and insight! 

Phase 1: Assessment  Phase 2: Branding & Networking  Phase 3: Developing A Strategy  Phase 4: Gaining Experience  Phase 5: Resume Development | Management Phase 6: Professional LettersAssessment Is Key:   Learn how your interests can direct your professional career path. How understanding your personality and that of others will help you lead and be led while bringing value to the organizations you serve.                                                                                                                                 Branding & Networking: What you say about yourself and where and to whom you say it matters. Learn to identify the language you should use to describe yourself in order to optimize your professional opportunities and image.                                                                                                                           Strategic Planning: Expecting true career success without a clear strategy to get where you want to be is like planning a trip across an ocean with out a rudder or a sail. Don't get caught in the current of employment trends without a navigation plan.                                                                                                                                                                                                               Gaining Experience: Getting experience can come in many forms. Identifying them [Internships, project based work, volunteering, association involvement, community service] and obtaining them builds your profesional credibility.           
 Phase 7: Interview Success                                                                                                            Resume Development and Management: According to employers the single biggest mistake all job seekers make is failing to adapt their resume to square with the requirements of the position they are applying for. Don't assume the employer will assume. Tell the right story every time and get the interview.                                                                                                                                   Professional Letters: The art of saying thank you, following up or asking for feedback is elemental to network building, strengthening your brand, and professional imprinting. Learn how to be effective with respect and appreciation.                                                                                                                 Interview Success; You've got the interview. Now what? Don't blow it. That's what. Effective interviewees know what the role is, have done their homework on the position, the company, it's products or services, the industry and competition and know how to use their resume to tell a compelling story.                                                                                                                       Opportunities: Where to find the right opportunities for you and your goals? Here.Phase 8: Opportunities                 

Phase 9: Workshops | Career Events | Career Coaching