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Professional Development Alumni

A Career is a Lifelong Journey

Davenport University Career Services helps you plan the next stages in your career; assessing your strengths and interests as you consider a career change. We help you incorporate up-to-date networking tools and strategies into your professional life for career growth. 

A recent and powerful professional networking tools is LinkedIn.  Career Services provides important do's and don'ts for this site here.

DU alumni play a crucial role in the professional development of our current students. As mentors, through participation in our professional development events and workshops, as a member of the Davenport University Career

Services Employer Advisory Board, or simply by posting open positions available in your organization to

PantherJobs!, you can be meaningful part of the professional development of future DU graduates!

Davenport University offers career expanding certifications and training through the Insitute for Professional Excellence IPEX, Click the IPEX link to learn more about how you can advance your professional skill.

Career Services offers a number of resources to help you grow your capabilities within the work place including hard copy resources, presentations like this one!, and internet resources for all levels of student and alumni.

International Business Etiquette Websites:

Executive Planet: Select a country and learn the etiquette of making appointments, business attire, use of name or title, gift giving and more! Covers areas of business etiquette, manners and culture.

Forbes: Article on business international business etiquette.