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Professional Development

Your Professional Development Plan 

The resources provided here are designed to help you in your coursework.
It is also YOUR personal Professional Development Plan.

Following each element of content on this page will give you the tools, knowledge and strategy necessary to be successful at making the professional career choice and attaining the career or career growth you seek from your DU degree.
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Evaluating an offer
Salary Worksheet
Negotiating an offer


  • Networking: It is very important to develop contacts in and out of school and business. Sometimes, who you know is just as important than what you know.
  • Identify Opportunities: Human Metrics is an online website that offers several personality trait tools to help you see what strategy will work for your development. This includes the Jung Typology Test, Entrepreneur Profiler, Visionary Test, Team Building and others. Many of these are free.
  • Get Involved: Connections through involvement happen every day. Volunteering or joining a club are great ways to get connected. Using these avenues can place you in strategic locations to develop great networking contacts.