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Internships and Practicums

Boost Your Potential!

All students who have no program-specific work experience should have at least one internship, work study or experiential learning experience as a part of your resume.

We work with employers across the state to make sure you have plenty of opportunities available for this kind of work experience. We'll also teach you how to cultivate these opportunities through effective search tactics and networking.

Many of our programs require an internship experience as a part of the curriculum. Your admissions representative or academic advisor will know if an internship is required for a specific program. You can then work with your rep and with The Office of Experiential Learning to make the necessary arrangements for this requirement.

The Office of Experiential Learning posts both for-credit and not-for-credit internship opportunities on Panther Jobs. Our goal is to give you the experience and confidence you need to be a successful candidate for a position in your chosen profession.