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Professional Development

Education is only one part of a successful career plan. Davenport has developed a Professional Development Plan to give you a path toward your professional growth, including:

  • Joining professional organizations important in your field
  • Conducting informational interviews with employers and interviewing successfully
  • Gaining meaningful experience in your field through volunteerism, internship and experiential opportunities
  • Networking with professionals
  • Producing a professional resume, letters, portfolios and other personal brand documents
  • Business etiquette

Career Services offers a number of resources to help you grow your capabilities within the work place including hard copy resources, presentations like this one!, and internet resources for all levels of student and alumni.

Students who follow the Davenport University Professional Development Plan with Career Services are much more likely to achieve employment prior to needing it! Contact Career Services and learn how professional development can help you!

Career Exploration and Research

Not sure exactly what you'd like to do for a career? Or what types of careers you can pursue with your academic major?  Career Services provides resources to explore your options.  We have created a guide to help you start your career search

  • My Next Move is a fun, informative site that can help you fine tune what careers may be interesting to you.
  • O*NET is a great resource for researching occupations, their educational requirements, employment outlook and salaries.  
  • Informational interviewing gives you the chance to meet professionals in their field and ask them questions about how their career path evolved, what they like or don't like about their jobs, and suggestions they may have for someone looking into that career.

International Business Etiquette Websites:

Executive Planet: Select a country and learn the etiquette of making appointments, business attire, use of name or title, gift giving and more! Covers areas of business etiquette, manners and culture.

Forbes: Article on business international business etiquette.