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Support, develop, and recognize teaching excellence.

The Center for Teaching Excellence supports, develops and recognizes excellence in teaching, service, and scholarship by enhancing faculty skills, knowledge, and behaviors in support of student success.

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Teaching to the I-Gen -
  In case you are wondering who the I-generation is: This is currently the largest generation - actually called Generation Z, or "Post Millennials," or "iGeneration," depending on who you talk to. ... According to Forbes, iGen members...

Reminder - Sessions for
Research at DU and Understanding the IRB Process

Welcoming Your Students to DU
Yesterday I began a discussion with my current ACES students, all freshman, and all but 3 traditional students right out of high school.  I began by recognizing that yesterday was the 17th anniversary of 9-11.  These students were only one or two years old at the time, yet so much of my...

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