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CTE Faculty Grants

Full-time and adjunct faculty can apply for research grants to offset associated costs.
Up to three $1,000 grants will be awarded to faculty to support their research endeavors.

Proposals featuring multiple faculty collaborations within and across colleges are highly encouraged. Proposals that are align with the CTE’s mission, which “supports, develops, and recognizes excellence in teaching, service, and scholarship by enhancing faculty skills, knowledge, and behaviors in support of student success” will be viewed most favorably, though all doing research that benefits the university community are welcome to apply.

Submission Deadlines

Proposals are due on Friday, March 23, 2018.

Grant recipients will be required to present their work at the DU Day of Research in the year following their award. 

CTE Faculty Grant Application

Please complete all required fields.

Please enter your Davenport email.
Please answer these questions: ● Are specific courses being studied? If so, what impact does the project have on the students taking those courses? ● Does your project focus on transformational change within the classroom? If so, how? ● How does your project contribute to a culture of learning? ● How can your project contribute to gains in student learning? ● Does your project offer useful information for future applications?
All applicants must include an attached letter of support from a Department Chair, Associate Dean, or Dean.
If you would like to upload additional supporting materials, please do so here.