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Learning Styles and Strategies

Each of us has our own learning style.  Some of us are visual learners; others process information best by listening. Still others learn best with an opportunity to manipulate learning objects.

The best courses include a variety of the following types of activities to accommodate the multiple learning styles of students.

Active Learning

  • Interact with and manipulate environment; Observe effects of interactions; Build interpretations
  • Sample exercise: Think-Pair-Share

Constructive Learning/Constructivism

  • Construct models; Craft multiple solutions; Refine knowledge with trial-and-error activities
  • Sample exercise: Student Presentations

Authentic Learning

  • Focus on real-world tasks and problems; Build meaningful solutions; Connect to community
  • Sample exercise: Case Study

Cooperative Learning

  • Work together in groups; Focus on individual roles; Communicate to reach common goals
  • Sample exercise: Jigsaw Groups

Intentional/Reflective Learning

  • Generate questions; Explain how answers are reached; Gain awareness of the learning process
  • Sample exercise: Student Journals

Knowing your own learning style can help you connect to students—and can help you appreciate the different ways your students learn. Try some free and quick online learning style inventories to discover your style.