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Searching for more information? Take a look through this list, and click on any of the titles, to learn more about these topics at Davenport and beyond.

  • New to Teaching at DU
    Are you a new teacher? Are you just starting to teach at DU? This site can help you become an instructor that positively impacts student success.
  • Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)
    Davenport is committed to advancing integration of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as part of our vision of full participation in a community where similarities and differences are understood, respected, and valued. Learn more about the many learning opportunities DEI has presented at DU and beyond at this site.
  • What Works Clearinghouse
    The Institute of Education Sciences compiled this site, with topics ranging from K12 Issues, to Education Technology, to Learning Disabilities, to Teacher and Leader Incentives and Effectiveness.
  • DU Excellence System
    Learn about Davenport's Excellence System, nine student learning outcomes that demonstrate professional competencies necessary for graduates to engage in life-long learning and succeed in their chosen profession.

  • Assessment at DU
    The focus of assessment is on the use of valid direct and indirect measures to collect data and information that is used to drive formative development and improvement.

  • Experiential Learning
    Experiential learning gives students experience outside of the classroom, as a part of credit-bearing courses, that adds value to their educational objectives and development through practical application of program and course outcomes and the process of reflection.
  • Plagiarism
    Learn how to instruct students to avoid plagiarism and academic dishonesty through the use of Safe Assign, an online resource that monitors citations and originality in student work.
  • DU Faculty Readiness 
    Meet key members of the DU community, and get the professional development information you need to start and maintain a successful semester!
  • Service Opportunities in Michigan
    The Corporation for National and Community Service compiles yearly information about service opportunities in each state. Click on this link to learn about what's happening in Michigan, or search the site to connect to opportunities in other states.
  • Conference Request Form 
    Share that great teaching achievement, research breakthrough, or successful service project at an academic conference! This site provides an overview of DU's conference request process.