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College of Arts and Sciences

Every DU dream degree begins here, with core classes from the College of Arts and Sciences. We build your knowledge base in math, humanities, English, social sciences and languages as part of your complete program. The College also offers undergraduate and graduate degrees.

A Strong Foundation for Your Future

The College of Arts and Sciences sponsors several degree programs and provides foundational courses in English, Math, Science and Social Sciences & Humanities to all degree programs in support of the Excellence System. Through this commitment, we focus on helping you develop nine critical thinking skills that prepare you to succeed in any field you pursue. The Excellence System skills are introduced to all students as part of your core Foundation of Excellence courses.  This means you'll take 30 to 42 credits through us, whether your ultimate degree is in business, health or technology. The program includes our Career and Educational seminar course. This is a student favorite, as it introduces college-level studies and allows you to explore career options to find your passion. Your exact Foundations of Excellence courses will be matched to best fit your major.

Arts and Sciences also sponsors the A&S Honors designation open to all DU students.

Programs and Degrees

The College of Arts and Sciences offers degree and certificate programs in areas that integrate several disciplines in novel ways, thereby responding to changes and trends in the modern work place.

For Students Seeking Help Getting Started in English and Math

The College offers a series of English as a Second language courses and Developmental Studies courses in English and Math through the Foundations of Learning program. Students testing into the Foundations of Learning courses are also offered several programs to complete or place out of these courses:

For Students Seeking Recognition for Academic Excellence

The College also sponsors two opportunities to earn honors designations. These are available to all students, regardless of their Department or major. Arts and Sciences Honors are conferred when approved projects are completed in five Foundation of Excellence courses, in addition to an Experiential Learning component. Davenport has the Phi Kappa Chapter of the Adult Learner national honor society Alpha Sigma Lambda. All students in the top 20% of the University, based on GPA, and who meet the adult student status as defined by the Society, are eligible to apply.

College of Arts and Sciences Leadership                     

 Our faculty is pleased to support you in your quest for a strong education, rewarding career and fulfilling future.

First Name Last Name Title Degree Profile 
Patty  Brechbiel  Interim Dean    
Stephen  Snyder  Associate Dean Ph.D.  view
Tim   Pennings  Dept Chair, Math Ph.D.  view
Sharon  Sutliff Dept Chair, Science D.C.  view 
Charmayne  Mulligan  Dept Chair, English & Communication Ph.D.  view
Anne  Cramer  Dept Chair, Social Science Ph.D.  view