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College of Arts and Sciences
Building core knowledge for academic and professional success

Every DU degree begins here, with core classes from the College of Arts and Sciences. We build your knowledge base in math, humanities, English, social sciences, life sciences and languages as part of your complete program. The College also offers undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Prospective Students

Davenport's College of Arts and Sciences offers two undergraduate programs. If you are interested in biological sciences or social work, we have the program for you.


Our graduate programs prepare you to meet the growing need for data analysts.

Graduate Degree

Graduate Certificate


For further information about our departments in the College of Arts and Sciences, please see the information below.

News and Events
2015-16 Great Michigan Read
One title, one state and thousands engaged in literary discussion. The Great Michigan Read is a biennial program of the Michigan Humanities Council that aims to connect us as Michiganians by exploring our history, our present and our future as discussed in a single literary title. 2016-17 Great Michigan Read coming soon.
CSI: Davenport Forensics
Detroit-area high school students enjoyed Davenport’s fourth annual Forensic Science summer camp June 27-July 1 at the Warren Campus. At this camp, students solve a simulated murder using entomology (study of insects, like the life cycle of the fly), blood typing, forensic bone analysis (determining sex, race, etc. by analysis of the skeleton) and DNA analysis using gel electrophoresis.
Math Camp
The goal of the Davenport University Math Camp was to help students develop their math skills so they have the confidence and ability to succeed in their upcoming high school and college mathematics courses. Look for this opportunity again in 2017.
Constitution Day
September 17, 2016 has been set aside by Congress as Constitution Day. The U.S. Constitution is the oldest written Constitution of any nation on Earth!
Got Questions?

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Honor Society and Honors Designation

Recognition as an Honor Society member or achieving Honors Designations in courses can be an important part of your college experience

Study Abroad

Spend a semester or year abroad studying at universities around the world.


There are many opportunities for you to explore the global campus.

Faculty and Staff

For a full list of faculty and staff in the College of Arts and Sciences, please visit this page.

Literary and Creative Arts Journal

Submit your original creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and essays to the journal.

Excellence System

The Excellence System consists of nine student learning outcomes that demonstrate professional competencies for graduates.

Global News in Arts and Sciences
The Ruby Slippers Are Funded in the Museum's First Kickstarter Campaign
The Smithsonian asks visitors to help bring back the sparkle and #KeepThemRuby
New U.K. Law That Would Pardon Gay Men Once Convicted of Sex Crimes Fails in Parliament
The private member's bill will not go ahead
A Brief History of the Haunted House
How Walt Disney inspired the world's scariest Halloween tradition
How Waffle House Uses Twitter to Help Recovery Efforts
FEMA themselves admit that they look to the omnipresent chain to see where the damage is the worst
How Earthquakes and Volcanoes Reveal the Beating Heart of the Planet
The Smithsonian Global Volcanism Program has stitched together a visual archive of the world’s earthquakes and volcanoes
Happy 445th Birthday, Caravaggio
The artist’s gory paintings have captivated art lovers for centuries
Mission Complete: Rosetta's 12 Year Journey Is Over
In the early hours of the morning, Rosetta crashed into comet 67P in style
Finders, Keepers: Five of the Best Places to Go Gem Hunting in the U.S.
From diamonds to emeralds, the United States is full of buried bling
Debating on Television: Then and Now
Kennedy and Nixon squared off in the first televised presidential debate 56 years ago and politics have never been the same
Eight Lessons for the Presidential Debates
What are the key do's and don'ts the candidates should remember when campaigning for the White House?
Leadership Team

For a full list of faculty and staff, please see the link above.

Patty Brechbiel

Intrim Dean for the College of Arts and Sciences.
Stephen Snyder, PhD

Associate Dean in the College of Arts and Sciences.
Tim Pennings, PhD

Chair of the Department of Mathematics.
Sharon Sutliff, DC

Department Chair for Science.
Charmayne Mulligan, PhD, MA

Department Chair for English and Communications.
Anne Cramer, PhD, MA

Department Chair for Social Sciences.
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