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Research at Davenport University

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Research is the cornerstone of education.  Broadly defined, it means gathering of information for the advancement of knowledge.  Scientific research is more specific.  For a successful career in science, you must understand how to apply the scientific method to questions and use proper procedures to answer those questions.  You must then share the findings with fellow researchers and join them in a critical examination of the work.  Davenport University encourages students to experience this process first hand under the guidance of experienced mentors.  Research students observe, describe, predict, and explain the world around us, leading to exciting new applications.  Below are faculty members who are currently taking new undergraduate researchers.  Students are encouraged to contact any faculty they are interested in working with, even if that faculty member is absent from this list.  That faculty member may have project ideas too!  Research can be used for honors credit, capstone projects, or publication or presentation experience, which expands your resume.  Employers and professional schools look favorably on candidates who have presented or published scientifically as it signals the candidate’s mature critical thinking and communication skills.

Research Faculty

Click the name of the faculty to learn more about his or her specific background.  Click the research interest to learn more about the faculty's projects.

Kris Baumgarten - Microbial Ecology

Karen Clark - Human Anatomy and Physiology

Laura Harris - Medical Microbiology and Computational Biology

Saleela Hollingsworth - Chemistry

Melissa Haswell - Ecology

Ahlam Kader - Cell and Molecular Biology

Sharon Sutliff - Anatomy and Physiology