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Nursing Application

How to Apply to a DU Nursing Program

Davenport University offers three nursing programs. Entry into each program is competitive and each one has specific admissions criteria. Your admissions representative is available to assist you in completing the application for our Nursing Program. Connect with Davenport University Admissions representative or email

Step I - Review the admissions criteria listed in the application form. If you are new to DU, please apply for admission to the University first.


Current DU students may proceed as follows:

Step II - Select application type: NursingCAS or Paper Application

Applications Open on NursingCAS:


 * All required forms are included in NursingCAS. 

NursingCAS Printable Instructions

For a limited time ONLY - Paper applications will be accepted for BSN and PN programs.

Paper applications will be accepted however, processing times and notification times may take longer due to manual processing of application. Please print the application and follow the instructions listed on page 1 of the application. All paper applications must be mailed to the registrar's office for processing.

PN Program Paper Application

BSN-PL Program Paper Application

Bsn Nursing Concurrent Program - ADN enrolled

 * All required forms are included in the paper application packet above.

Deadline for Nursing Application Materials
RN-Bachelor's Degree Completion Accepted throughout the year
BSN Pre-Licensure

October 28, 2016 for early admission - extended to November 15, 2016
January 27, 2017 for regular admission

Rolling admissions for highly qualified canidates.  Please contact your Admission Representative for assistance.

Practical Nurse (PN) diploma October 28, 2016 for early admission - extended to November 15, 2016
May 6, 2017 for regular admission


Step III - Register for and complete a ATI TEAS/TEAS V examination. 

Additional program NOTES:

  • Only complete applications will be reviewed by the Nursing Admissions Committee. Decisions made by the Committee are final.
  • Students will be asked to complete a criminal background check. The policies and procedures and form related to the criminal background check are displayed in the COHP Appendix A-4.