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Donald W. Maine College of Business
Make a life. Make a living. Make a contribution.

Why the College of Business?

The Donald W. Maine College of Business’s long standing academic rigor and quality programs equip you for business success.  Understanding market trends and building community relationships to enhance your development is what we do best.  You will learn from faculty with industry experience and be exposed to best practices in the market to position you for your career of choice. 

 With a new state-of-the-art business building designed to incorporate multi-media technology, you will find interactive classrooms and movable work stations that model a real business environment.  Additionally, a new Entrepreneurial Center will provide individuals seeking to start and grow businesses right here in West Michigan opportunities to consult with professionals at each stage in the process. 

So, the only question you need to ask yourself is whether you want to get to where the world is going.  

Prospective Students

The Donald W. Maine College of Business applies the principles of entrepreneurship to every program. We have an undergraduate degree for you.

Choose your Bachelor degree program.

Choose your Associate degree program.

Please take some time to view the following videos about our Donald W. Maine College of Business.

Bachelor of Business Administration and Internships.


If you have just completed your bachelors degree or want to further your career, our graduate degree programs will help you get to where you want to be.

Choose your Graduate program.

Please take some time to view the following videos about our Donald W. Maine College of Business programs.

Building leadership skills with your MBA.



Post-Baccalaureate Certificates are for students who have attained a bachelor degree, but want to gain additional credentials in their field or who want to move to a new business related field.

Choose your Post-Baccalaureate Certificate.

Graduate Certificates provide students with the opportunity to deepen their skills in a particular subject. They may be completed at any time while taking Master of Business Administration courses provided the prerequisites are met, or may be completed as a stand-alone certificate.

Choose your Graduate Certificate.



Current Events
Career Fair
Davenport University partners with Grand Valley State University for their bi-annual Career Fairs in downtown Grand Rapids. These high profile events typically attract over 1,800 students and alumni from all colleges and majors, and over 230 regional and national employers with thousands of jobs, internships, clinical and co-op opportunities.
Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow
The Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellows (WWVF) program, operating for more than 40 years, brings prominent artists, diplomats, journalists, business leaders and other nonacademic professionals to campuses across the U.S. for substantive dialog with students and faculty members. The WWVF visit was made possible by grant funding made by the M.E. Davenport Foundation.
Homecoming 2016!
Join us for an entire week of events including a bonfire, tailgating, chili cook-off, pep rally and more. Celebrate DU and all it has to offer.
Accounting & Finance Career and Internship Fair
Do not miss the opportunity to find an internship or employment at the Accounting & Finance Career Fair next month. This is only one of many events you can explore through Career Services.
Check out the DU Alumni Events!
You may have graduated from DU or any of its predecessor colleges, but you can still stay connected with the things you love about Davenport. The DU Alumni Association has a full schedule of fun summer events and you are invited! Sign up today:
Bring your kids to work day.
Do your children or grandchildren know how you spend your time at Davenport? The second annual Bring Your Kids to Work/School event will be held on Wednesday, June 22 at the W.A. Lettinga Campus. Fun activities will be happening from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m:
Study Abroad at Davenport
Dozens of Davenport graduate and undergraduate students are enhancing their intercultural awareness, global competency and their resumes while traveling abroad this summer. There are five short-term study abroad opportunities this month and next. These programs will study in ten countries on three continents.
Internships Available
An internship is one of the most important things you can do in your college career: Internships provide valuable work experience, develop professional skills and many lead to full time jobs. Do not let an opportunity pass you by.
Got Questions?

Feel free to browse the selections below for further information.


All of Davenport University programs are accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Education (IACBE).

Online Education

Davenport offers many options to partially or fully complete your degree online

Registered Student Organizations

Getting involved on campus is easy. Contact Student Services for information.

Study Abroad

DU's study-abroad programs provide you with first-hand experience while earning course credit towards your degree.


Getting work experience before you graduate is crucial. Many times internships also lead to full time positions.

Faculty Directory

Here you can find a full list of faculty and staff members for the Donald W. Maine College of Business.

Davenport News
Wayne County Community College District Partners with Davenport University
Wayne County Community College District has partnered with Davenport University to include Davenport in the University Center at the district's Western Campus in Belleville. As part of the agreement, students who earn their associate degrees at the community college will be able to transfer their credits to a bachelor’s degree program at Davenport and continue their studies at the same location.
Online Colleges for Accounting
Online Colleges has ranked Davenport University as 4th in the nation for our online Accounting degree program. Congratulations to Professor Deb Kiss and the Accounting Department.
Eurobiz Study Abroad
The EuroBiz Study Abroad Program has arrived in Europe! Only a few hours after landing in Munich, the group and their faculty leaders, Dr. Marjolijn van der Velde and Professor Todd Terry oriented themselves to this historic Bavarian capital. Their itinerary for the three weeks is filled with corporate and cultural experiences in Germany, France, Belgium and The Netherlands.
School district estimates Middle College graduates saved $723K
Kenowa Hills Public School's second round of Middle College students graduated high school and Davenport University on Sunday, May 1, 2016. Twenty-one students received an associate's degree and diploma, after completing the program, saving over $700,000 in college expenses.
Lettinga DECA wins big again!
For the third year in a row, Lettinga DECA’s chapter won the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) Challenge! Davenport’s team members collected the most supplies for the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s week-long, MI summer camp. :
Sport Management Alum Jim Van Dam ‘12 creates memorable experiences for NHL fans
Jim Van Dam works in the front office at the NHL Tampa Bay Lightning as a Premium Sales Manager. He is responsible for tailoring corporate ticket packages for businesses in southern Florida while creating memorable fan experiences. Check out this Davenport Alumni's success story.
BPA Middle Level Conference
During the 2015-2016 academic year, Business Professionals of America (BPA) created a new division in Michigan. This was the Middle Level Division, led by the Michigan Middle Level State Advisor, Professor Ron Draayer from Davenport University. BPA is one of the leading Career Technical Student Organizations in America.
Davenport celebrates 150 years in business
On Jan. 25, 1866, Grand Rapids Business College held its first bookkeeping, penmanship, business law and arithmetic classes for 16 registered students. One sesquicentennial later, the academic institution now called Davenport University launched the milestone year with an Anniversary Kick-Off Event at its W.A. Lettinga Campus. The event marked the beginning of a year-long celebration for the institution that began as a small private school and now is a fully accredited private university offering undergraduate, graduate and online degrees to nearly 9,000 students.
Davenport University Students Excelled at the 2016 BPA National Conference!
Business Professionals of America held its 50th National Leadership Conference in Boston, Massachusetts from May 4 thru May 8, 2016. Students from Davenport’s Lettinga and Lansing campuses represented the University at the Golden Anniversary Conference where Davenport’s ambassadors earned 17 national championships, 12 runner-up finishes, and 13 third place finishes! Overall, the University placed 82 finalists in the top ten. Over the last eight years, Davenport students’ have earned 1st place awards in 100 National events, which is an all-time BPA record!
Global News in Business
U.S. Economy Grew 2.9% in 3rd Quarter, Picking Up the Pace
This report and the monthly unemployment figures next week are the last snapshots of the overall economy before voters go to the polls on Nov. 8.
Public Sacrifice: Even Math Teachers Are at a Loss to Understand Annuities
Schoolteachers and other government and nonprofit workers are often at the mercy of confusing contracts tied to arcane investments, sold by representatives who may not understand them.
Public Sacrifice: An Annuity for the Teacher — and the Broker
A look inside the high-pressure job of selling workplace annuities to public schoolteachers.
Midday Report: Wall St. Rises After a Strong Economic Report
Shares of the prescription drug distributor McKesson plunged after the company’s revenue fell far short of analysts’ forecasts.
Small Factories Emerge as a Weapon in the Fight Against Poverty
Small manufacturers are vital if the United States is to narrow the nation’s class divide and build a society with opportunities for everyone, regardless of race or education.
Wall St. Poised for Higher Profits but Fewer Jobs, Report Says
The New York State comptroller’s office reported that the industry was expected to reverse three years of profit declines, but bonuses were shrinking.
Soylent Says It Will Remake 2 of Its Meal Replacers After Customers Became Ill
The announcement is the latest in a string of setbacks by the company that wants powders to replace meals, but many customers remain faithful.
More Wretched News for Newspapers as Advertising Woes Drive Anxiety
News publications continue to be pummeled by rapidly declining print advertising revenue, and newsrooms everywhere are scrambling.
The Land at Stake Is in Australia, but the Focus Is on China
A group led by an Australian mining magnate remains the sole bidder for vast swaths of grazing land, but the presence of a Chinese partner has drawn criticism.
Carlyle Group Turns Focus From Hedge Funds to Lending
An effort to diversify goes awry as hedge fund investments weigh on the bottom line.
Twitter to Cut Jobs as It Aims for a Turnaround
The social media company said it would lay off 9 percent of its work force, as it reported an increase in users and a narrowing of losses.
Vine Is Closing Down, and the Internet Can’t Stand It
One theory about the six-second video app’s demise says it was dead weight for its owner, Twitter, which is struggling to become profitable.
UBS Is Under Investigation in Hong Kong Over Its I.P.O. Work
The Swiss bank could face fines or suspensions from working on deals in the semiautonomous Chinese city, one of the world’s biggest markets for new offerings.
Broadband Providers Will Need Permission to Collect Private Data
The new rules require broadband providers to get permission to collect data on a subscriber’s web browsing, app use, location and financial information.
Apple’s New MacBook Pro Gets More Touchy
The new laptops feature a Touch Bar where function keys used to be. It works differently depending on the app in use.
A More Money-Conscious Alphabet Emerges
In its otherwise solid third-quarter results, the company went some distance to reassure investors on its “other bets,” in-house visionary projects that have yet to make money.
Amazon Comes Up Short on Profits, Focusing on Warehouses and Movies
The company said to expect as much as $1.25 billion in operating income for the fourth quarter and as little as nothing, a remarkably wide range.
As Freelancers’ Ranks Grow, New York Moves to See They Get What They’re Due
The City Council passed the Freelance Isn’t Free Act, requiring written timetables and procedures for payment to clamp down on wage theft by employers.
European Union Trade Deal With Canada Moves Forward
The Belgian prime minister said on Thursday that the country’s leaders had reached a compromise, but the deal could still run into problems.
U.S. Indicts Dozens in $300 Million Indian Call Center Scheme
Prosecutors said the operators of the scheme bilked thousands of Americans by posing as authority figures demanding payments for bogus debts.
Measure in Florida That Claims to Back Solar Power May Discourage It
Opponents of the proposed constitutional amendment on the Nov. 8 ballot say that it was written to fool voters and could make panels more costly.
Exxon 3Q Profit Falls 38 Percent on Lower Oil Prices
Exxon's profit keeps shrinking because of lower oil prices, and the company is responding by sharply cutting investment in future production.
Chevron Profit Drops on Weak Oil Price, but Beats Forecasts
Chevron Corp reported a drop in quarterly profit on Friday that still beat expectations as cost cuts in the company's U.S. oil production division helped mitigate some of the impact of low crude prices <CLc1>.
Your Money: The School of Wants and Needs — and Wood-Fired Showers
A prep school that prepares students for entry into competitive colleges, but also teaches them how to raise livestock, grow vegetables and chop wood.
Revalued: An Activist for the Poor Joins Pepsi’s Board. Is That Ethical?
Darren Walker, president of the Ford Foundation, says he wants to push PepsiCo to sell fewer unhealthy snacks and help improve its customers’ well-being.
Wealth Matters: Aligning Your Investments With What Motivates You
In finance, phi is a way for investors to quantify how their motivations, or the motivations of their money managers, will affect long-term returns.
Your Money Adviser: Keeping Your Affordable Care Act Plan Affordable
Many with health insurance through government marketplaces are eligible for financial help that can significantly lower those premiums.
Will a Yuengling Executive’s Endorsement of Trump Hurt Beer Sales?
Some customers call for people to stop drinking the brand after its owner says he backs the Republican presidential nominee.
The 2016 Race: Will the Next President Face a Recession? Don’t Assume So
You can’t predict a recession based on the length of an expansion; it doesn’t work that way.
The 2016 Race: Ads That Use Candidates’ Own Words, to Powerful Effect
It’s been an unusual presidential campaign season in many ways, and some of the ads are also a departure from established norms.
The Workologist: Groped at a Party by a Colleague. Then You Become His Boss.
A woman did not report a harrowing incident involving a male colleague at a company holiday party. Then, a twist: That colleague became her subordinate.
Corner Office: Austin McChord of Datto: It’s Not Awesome Till It’s Awesome
Austin McChord, C.E.O. of the data protection company Datto, says he resists the trend of automatically handing out praise and instead saves it for exceptional achievements.
Used Cars Slip Past Recall Safeguards, Putting Drivers in Danger
Federal law does not mandate used-car sellers to tell buyers when a car has been recalled or to make necessary safety repairs, and the results can be deadly.
Buying at a Used Car Auction? What You Don’t Know Could Kill You
Consumers are able to purchase cars that have deadly defects and sellers have few obligations to disclose the defects to them.
Wheels: Let the Lessee Beware: Car Leases Can Be the Most Binding of Contracts
An auto lease, a common alternative to buying a vehicle, is a three-party contract that can be hard to break.
How a Car Lease-Transfer Broker Works — or May Not
A driver looking to end a car lease early might turn to a broker, but using such a service comes with its own costs and restrictions.
Driven: Video Review: Ford Fusion Hybrid Combines Savings and Style
The Fusion may not be as miserly on gasoline as the Toyota Prius, but the Ford has the handsome chiseled lines that many hybrids lack.
Fair Game: A Whistle Was Blown on ITT; 17 Years Later, It Collapsed
In the interim, the for-profit education company made billions off federal student aid, while students amassed mountains of debt and few job prospects.
A Constellation of Influencers: Behind the Curtain at Teneo
How an advisory firm with roots in the Democratic Party establishment fosters a network of power and politics for the benefit of its clients.
Mutual Funds & E.T.F.s
A section on how funds performed in the third quarter of the year — and on where they may be heading.
Leadership Team

Below is the Leadership Team for the Donald W. Maine College of Business. For a full list of faculty and staff members, please see the link under "Got Questions?"

Pamela Imperato, Ph.D.

Dean for the Donald W. Maine College of Business
Jennifer Byron, MBA

Associate Dean in the College of Business
Mike Carey, Ph.D. MBA. CM

Department Chair for Marketing
Bob Clarkson, Ed.D. MBA, PMP

Department Chair for Sport Management
Misty Davis, JD

Department Chair in Legal Studies and Human Resource Management
Grant Lee, MAcc

Department Chair for Accounting and Finance
Margaret Mwenda, Ph.D.

Department Chair for Management
This is a closed group. Only a group administrator can add you.