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Constitution Day

September 17 has been set aside by Congress for all education institutions to provide education programs and information about the U.S. Constitution, which was signed on September 17, 1787. This year Constitution Day is officially observed on Monday, September 17, 2018. Learn about the U.S. Constitution at Davenport University's Constitution Day website!

The U.S. Constitution is the oldest written Constitution of any nation on Earth! It has withstood the test of time – almost 230 years – and defines what we live by: the rule of law, limited government, and the ideals of liberty, equality, and justice. The Constitution was created by the people and for people. It is the foundation of our democracy and our rights as Americans.

Visit Davenport Libraries in person or online:

  • Look for Constitution Day displays at Lansing, Midland, Warren, and W.A. Lettinga campus libraries.  
  • Pick up your complimentary pocket size copy of the U.S. Constitution at Lansing, Midland, Warren, and W.A. Lettinga campus libraries.
  • Check out the Constitution Day Library Guide for "Fast Facts," founding documents, research links, and more at

The First Amendment

Do you know all of the rights included in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution?  

Religious freedom, the right to free speech, freedom of the press, the right to assemble peaceably, and the right to petition the government are still being interpreted today! 

The First Amendment in Current Times

Religious Freedom: Can a crisis pregnancy center that is affiliated with a religious organization be required to provide information about abortion options? The State of California sought to enforce the requirement, but the Supreme Court has held that under the first amendment, crisis center counselors cannot be required to provide information that violates their religious beliefs.

Free Speech: Is free speech guaranteed on the internet? Facebook, YouTube, Apple, and LinkedIn have all blocked some content that they deemed to be damaging, untrue, or inflammatory. Critics of the practice have claimed that public forums on the internet are like a "town square" where free speech has been guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. 

Freedom of the Press: On August 16, 2018, hundreds of U.S. newspapers published editorials highlighting the benefits of a free press and challenging President Trump's portrayal of them as "the enemy of the people." How do we manage the many news sources that are available to us and how do we decide which news sources to trust?

Right to Assemble Peaceably: How do we balance the Right to Assemble and the Right to Free Speech against public safety? Should authorities shut down protests that might become violent? If so, how should this determination be made?

Explore the U.S. Constitution through interactive websites:

Interactive Constitution: Search the Constitution by Key words; explore more that 300 Constitution related topics from business, education, civil rights, voting, etc.; view Supreme Court Case decisions in the text of the Constitution.

Interactive Audio/Visual Timeline: Learn about landmark historical events from the birth of a nation and implementation of the United States Constitution to current events

Learn how The U.S. Constitution still applies to the world we live in today at these websites: "Annenberg Videos have won 45 national awards"

    • Over 50 videos on major constitutional concepts and court cases
    • Brochures, Books, and Interactive games
    • Current News and "Today in History" "The public radio show about law and American life" 

National Archives: Research and Learn

    • America's Founding Documents
    • Foreign Policy, Military Records, and Investigations
    • People
    • Places
    • Federal Government
    • Maritime, Aviation, Science, and Technology
    • Events, Centennials, and Holidays
    • Arts and Culture

Check out the history of The Pledge of Allegiance at this website:

Your Vote Matters!  

... and not only during Presidential elections.

Midterm Elections are also Important!

Voter registrations forms, absentee ballot information, and polling locations can be found at your state’s Secretary of State web site: Michigan:

Register to vote today! The most fundamental way to make a difference is through your vote! It’s your voice!