Successfully providing a safe and healthy environment

The Davenport community (faculty, staff and students) has done a fantastic job following necessary health protocols during COVID-19. We have experienced NO documented transmission in academic or administrative spaces. We are pleased to follow the new federal guidelines, as well as state and local health regulations, which allow for more normal campus experiences in the semesters ahead. With your continued help and dedication, we will continue to be successful in providing a safe and healthy environment!

The Healthy Panther Promise

As a university, we are committed to protecting the health, safety and well-being of its entire university community and to ensuring all of its students receive a quality education despite changes caused by COVID-19. To make sure we live up to that promise, we are actively making a number of adjustments to the way things are done across the university. In return, we ask you that you too make a number of promises to protect yourself and everyone around you.

Download the Healthy Panther Promise 

Some of the updates to our campuses:

  • COVID-19 vaccines are strongly encouraged
  • Requiring masks in all indoor, shared spaces except for brief periods when seated and eating
  • Thorough cleaning routines and readily available hand sanitizer wipes
  • Facilitate contact tracing for all positive cases reported
  • Requiring unvaccinated persons to quarantine if exposed
  • Requiring unvaccinated students to participate in all required screening testing for athletes and residents

A few of the promises we ask of you in return:

  • Treat everyone on campus with respect and kindness
  • Check your health daily and stay home if you have symptoms 
  • Protect yourself and others by focusing on cleanliness
  • Report unsafe conditions and those not following requirements

What resources are available for students?

Advising: Your advisor remains your main point of contact and is ready to help you with any questions or concerns. Call 866-383-3548 or contact your advisor directly via email or phone.

Computer problems: For questions about your computer and accessing classes online, contact the ITS Customer Support Center at or call 616.732.1200. 

Testing: Davenport University testing centers are opened. We are also waiving the TEAS examination for freshman and sophomores and will ask them to take it when operations return to normal.

Financial aid: We will continue to answer and support your financial aid needs. Please email any questions or concerns to

Library: Our library remains open. Visit for more library resources.

Tutoring: Online tutoring is available online at

Campus Life: If you think you are sick or have symptoms, please consult your medical provider. Please also reach out to Campus Life at

Bookstore: While the Tyrus R. Wessel Bookstore is opened, books and additional university materials are still available by visiting the online bookstore. Merchandise and apparel are also still available for purchase via our online store.

Counseling: Take care of your mental health as well as your physical health and make sure to utilize the services we provide as a benefit to our students. Visit for more information.

Student Access: If you are a student with a disability and having difficulty with the academic transition, please reach out to your student access coordinator at

Housing: On-campus housing is still available for the Fall 2021 application can be found at

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