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Service Award

2018 Service Award Recipients

Please contact Deann Giles if you feel we are missing someone on the list below.

50 Years of Service Department
Jack Daniels Academics
35 Years of Service Department
Jeff Green Accounting
30 Years of Service Department
Scott Stevens Academics
25 Years of Service Department
Deb Brondsema Accounting
Shubhada Sagdeo Mathematics
20 Years of Service Department
Jean Balcer Financial Aid
John Hume Student Services
Tony McCutchen Networking
15 Years of Service Department
Kathy Aboufadel Institutional Research
Karen Clark Science
Kimber Cramer Business
Suzanne Gut English
Becky Hoeks Executive Assistant
Gerald Nyambane Social Science
Jessica Powers Registrar
10 Years of Service Department
Christopher Allen Athletics
Matthew Arpin Registrar
Laura Ayotte Communications
David Barlage Management
Wesley Benton  Social Sciences
Denny Bobeldyk Information Assurance
Deborah Chenoweth Registrar
Colleen Coughlin Social Sciences
Eric Cross Career Services
Patrick Czerew Admissions
Christine Douglass Communications & English
Amy Doxtater Admissions
Kriss Ferluga Academics
Christopher Green Athletics
Shari Jones Experiential Learning
Nora King Communications & English
Mark McKinnon Information Assurance
Julie Milanowski IPEx
Autumn Miller Communications & English
Burt Paddock Athletics
Micki Pitcher Finance
Rebecca Prince Online
Shawn Raymond Information Technology
McCall Salmon Athletics
Neil Shepard Social Sciences
David Sigsby Information Technology
Wayne Sneath Experiential Learning
Tammy Stachowicz Social Sciences
Mike Stodola Athletics
Dawn Strauss-Berta Allied Health
Todd Terry Management
Kevin Tidey Athletics
James Turner Management
Tamara VandenBerg Accounting
Karin Vorenkamp Financial Aid
Cari Weymouth Admissions
Jessica Wright Library
5 Years of Service Department
Celia Allen-Hames Athletics
Erik Dane Advancement
Samantha Gardner Admissions
Damon Gonzales Facilities
Robert Harris  Athletics
Laura Harris Science
Kristen Hoeve Information Technology
Rob Ignasiak Transportation
Louise Kidd Advancement
Donald Luy Sport Management
Kelly McCarron Allied Health
Kathy Miner Institutional Research and Assessment
Christy Nelson Occupational Therapy
Tim Pennings Mathematics
Felicia Pope Admissions
Charles Ransom Admissions
Naim Saiti Mathematics
Jacob Vachon  Information Technology