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Shuttle Services

Shuttle Schedule

New Announcement - Starting September 5th

Our shuttle bus service is free for all current students and staff of Davenport University!

The 2017 fall shuttle schedule will have a new route built to accommodate multiple housing locations and students using public transit as their main source of transportation. The new shuttle hours will be based on the number of in-seat students and scheduled class times for the fall semester.

Morning Service
Panther Woods Panther Ridge W.A. Lettinga Campus Meijer Rapid SilverLine Woodland Mall
7:40AM 7:45AM 7:55AM - 8:20AM -
8:40AM 8:45AM 8:55AM - - 9:20AM
9:40AM 9:45AM 9:55AM 10:05AM 10:20AM -
10:40AM 10:45AM 10:55AM - - 11:20AM
11:40AM 11:45AM 11:55AM 12:05PM - -
12:20PM 12:25PM 12:30PM Friday shuttle service ending at 12:30pm.
Afternoon Service
Panther Woods Panther Ridge W.A. Lettinga Campus Meijer Rapid SilverLine Woodland Mall
- - 1:55PM - - 2:20PM
2:40PM 2:45PM 2:55PM - 3:15PM -
3:30PM 3:35PM 3:50PM - - 4:20PM
4:40PM 4:45PM 4:55PM - - -
- - - All remaining riders will be taken to off-campus housing.

Rider Tips

  • Visit our Facebook page for up-to-date Shuttle information and schedule changes.
  • Pick-up and drop-off for the Lettinga Campus will be at the lower level entrances near the Panther Den and Public Safety office.
  • Pick-up and drop-off point for Panther Woods will be at the Emergency communication station located near the entrance of the housing complex.
  • All riders utilizing the Woodland location will be picked up at the Woodland-Rapid Hub.
  • Drivers will attempt to be early to each stop and will not leave prior to the posted time.
  • Be at pick-up/drop-off location ten minutes prior to departure time
  • Shuttle does NOT run between 12:30p.m. - 1:55 p.m. and after 5:00 p.m.
  • Transportation Department Office: 616-732-1190
  • Gerald R. Ford Airport Service will be available during regular shuttle hours. Please click here to schedule in advance.