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Food allergies are a serious concern. Davenport University Dining Services is committed to identifying the presence of the eight major food allergens in the items that we serve.  







Tree Nuts




The Eight Allergens

These eight allergens represent the eight most common allergens, but in dining services we recognize that there are many other kinds of food allergies and special dietary needs.  To set up and appointment with Dining Services to talk about your dietary needs please complete this contact us


Allergens by location

Dining Hall

Panther Den

VC Ice Cream

Menu Grill Menu VC Menu
Deli Deckers Menu Concessions Menu
Salad Bar Grab & Go Label  
Condiments Condiments  


We're in this together.  

The best way to live with special dietary needs is to plan ahead and be engaged in your diet.  We are your best ally.   Our employees are trained in working with food-allergic guests to make their dining experience not only safe, but enjoyable.  Talk with our employees ask questions involve us in managing your dining options.

Any guest who dines with us is encouraged to contact one of our managers to make sure there is a clear understanding of their needs. 


Guests at Davenport

If you are guest attending an event or a meeting on campus and would like to contact us about your special dietary needs please email Jessy Snyder at