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Nutritional Information

A Healthy Approach to Dining

Menus in the DU Dining Hall follow the Healthy Eating Food Pyramid and emphasize:

  • lean proteins
  • fresh vegetables
  • beans and whole grains
  • healthy fats

For more information about Nutrition, Fitness, and Health visit our website "Nutrition Info for You!"

For Nurtritional breakdown of Dining Hall entrees and desserts visit this website

Food Allergies

There are 9 food items that account for almost 90 percent of food allergic reactions: milk, eggs, nuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy and wheat. 

If you have special dietary requests or needs, please ask any of the Dining Staff for assistance, or contact us directly at We'll work with you to ensure that your dietary needs are met. We strive to ensure an enjoyable experience for all.


Eating safely in the Dining Hall
We work hard to identify all dishes that are prepared with these select items and, in addition, we advise diners with allergies to do the following: 

  • Pay attention to the entrée name. Dishes made with common allergens often have that allergen mentioned in the entrée name.
  • Establish a relationship with the chef. Simple conversations with the chef in your daily visit to the Dining Hall can make your dining experience a lot easier. The chef can go over ingredients used in recipes and how the meal was prepared.
  • Read labels...Our chefs will be happy to tour the kitchen with you so you may view labels of the foods you will be eating.
  • If there is ever a question… about an entrée avoid consuming it or ask a culinarian.


Vegetarian and Vegan
Our menu includes vegetarian and vegan options at every meal, including soups, entrees, stir-fry, and pasta selections.  Menu items are labeled to make your dining selections easier.

Wheat- and Gluten-free
We offer several options for guests who require wheat- and gluten-free foods.   Please ask the chef for assistance or contact us directly.