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Student Leadership Symposium


Student Leadership Symposium

The Student Leadership Symposium of the Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow Program at Davenport University brings together students across campuses to explore their leadership traits and further enhance their leadership skills.

Designed as an immersive experience with key touchpoints throughout the week, students will work directly with Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow, Mike Markovits to truly impact their leadership skills in their current roles and to build and prepare for future careers as leaders.  Mr. Markovits brings to life the key elements of successful leadership from his experience as developer of a global leadership pool for both IBM and General Electric.  

The Symposium consists of three key experiences:

Identification of Leadership Challenges and Personal Plan Introduction

Prior to Leadership Skills workshop, students will receive a short document to guide them in assessing their current leadership strengths and identifying how they would like to see themselves as leaders. This preparation allows them to maximize the experience and their growth.

Leadership Skills Workshop – Wednesday, March 8

10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.  –W. A. Lettinga Campus, Grand Rapids, MI

A 4-hour interactive workshop that includes skill building exercises, personal reflection and goal setting led by Mike Markovits.  This dynamic process allows each student to envision leadership in their own manner with their unique skills and goals.

Leadership Journey: Progress and Next Steps

Each participant is able to schedule a follow up session with Mike Markovits via phone, Collaborate technology or in person to get feedback on their plan and progress steps.

Who should attend?

Any currently enrolled DU student is encouraged to attend. Leadership opportunities come in many places, not just in large businesses.  Strong leadership skills are invaluable on the path to entrepreneurship, in non-profits organizations, within Registered Student Organizations and even in the classroom.  This is an opportunity for students to distinguish themselves and demonstrate to employers their leadership abilities.

How to register?

There are a limited number of seats available. Students must register online to reserve their place. A 24-hour notification of cancelation is required to allow for full participation. 


Students traveling from other DU campuses, please contact: for transportation options.  

Made possible through a grant from the M.E. Davenport Legacy Endowment.