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The Global Campus @ DU
An online learning community designed with you in mind.

New for 2016-17

Extra Savings for Undergraduate Online Students

Undergraduate students residing outside of the state of Michigan are eligible for 33% tuition discount for online courses.

Save approximately $200 per credit hour and complete your undergraduate degree in Business, Technology or Health Professions.

Jumpstart your career today by contacting an Admissions Rep or applying directly to Davenport.

Tuition Savings per Credit Hour

Online students that reside beyond the state of Michigan qualify for a tuition savings on all online courses. That’s an average of $200 per credit hour!

Save Time and Money

You’ll save 33% on your online undergraduate tuition and save time by completing courses in our proven accelerated format of 7 week terms.

Programs Offered

Over 22 distinct career-building Bachelor's and Associates Degrees offered in the areas of Business, Technology and Health Professions with options to specialize your degree to match your career goals.

Excellence in Online Education

Davenport University prepares and transforms students to achieve the highest levels of academic performance, leading them to excel and advance in their chosen fields in the 21st century. The Global Campus's mission is U! We are a group of passionate educators who strive to provide the best undergraduate and graduate degrees. We strive to create a community of distance learners and educators with unparalleled support, resources, guidance and innovation to give our learners an edge in growth and goal attainment.

How it Works

Learning online can be exciting! We offer flexible courses in Blackboard as well as scheduled "real-time" online courses.


Davenport is proud to be non-profit. 2016 marks our 150th Anniversary!

Student Services

DU is dedicated to high-touch services, in a virtual environment. Every service we offer in-seat, we also offer to our online students.

Paying for College

Paying for college shouldn’t be confusing. It’s expensive enough as it is.

Military Students

Active duty and veterans alike are welcome at DU. We are a yellow-ribbon school.

"Not only do I like teaching online for Davenport, but I’m passionate about the success and the evolution of the online teaching environment. I lead courses in the field I currently work in. So, participants are receiving the latest expertise in addition to traditional textbook readings in a real time format. Interaction is two ways which allows participants to contribute their true to life experiences while also absorbing the materials; everybody learns and bonds. Better prepared professionals results in the field of study advancing more rapidly."
Joseph C. Brown, Adjunct Faculty
Online Degree Programs

Davenport University's Global Campus offers over 50 degrees fully online as well as nearly 400 courses. From accounting to sports management, our online learners are studying for the jobs of today and the careers of tomorrow.

Graduate Degrees

Online master's degrees are designed to prepare you for the next step in your career. As one of the nation's first accreditated fully-online universities, you can expect high quality programs and innovative delivery that comes from being a leader in the field. 

Undergraduate Degrees

We have developed more than 50 programs in the hottest, fastest growing fields: business, health, and technology. Where traditional institutions teach how the world has reached today, Davenport understands where the world is headed, and shows you how to lead the way.

Short-Term Programs

Short-term programs help develop specific skills. Our selection of graduate and post-baccalaureate certificate programs provides the skills you need, in a timeframe shorter than a traditional degree.

Anywhere. Anytime.

Davenport's Global Campus is far-reaching, well-established and ready to serve you.  Our expert instructors, accredited online programs and large student body speak to the quality and convenience of our online courses.

Fully Online Students

42% of our students take all of their coursework online. The Global Campus is big enough to provide you the support you need, with faculty: student ratios that ensure you're more than just a number.

Courses Taught Online

Nearly our entire course catalog is available online. If you are looking for high-quality, convenient coursework, Davenport's Global Campus has got your back.

Years of online expertise

Davenport has been granting online degrees since 1999. We are established, experts in teaching online. 

Adjunct Faculty Testimonial

For me teaching is a deeply interpersonal interaction supported by computers and other instructional technology. The basic human connection between mentor and student is an integral part of the teaching process. The environment developed during the online classes at Davenport University places students in a unique position where they will not only acquire facts and information from technological sources but also authentic knowledge and, ultimately, wisdom from other people who provide a social, cultural and ethical context for those facts and that information. It is at this juncture where I as a professor join the process not only to share my subject-matter expertise but also my experience as a practitioner gained from years of work with some of the largest companies in America. This process is greatly enhanced by DU’s Global Campus students who normally bring a lot of personal and professional experience into the mix and contribute to the overall success of each class.
-Jose Siqueira
Global Campus Adjunct Faculty

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