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Department Charges and Ordering

Internal Davenport University Use Only

There are several options for obtaining DU items and apparel.

1. Visit the Tyrus R. Wessell Bookstore on the Lettinga campus during operating hours and select the items from the bookstore inventory. The bookstore staff will process orders using banner account numbers as payment. See instructions below for setting up accounts with the Bookstore. 

2.  You don’t have to go to the bookstore to get items for gifts, staff rewards, give-aways, and the like. Single items currently in our bookstore can be ordered online by completing a Bookstore Department Charge Form. PLEASE NOTE: For custom orders, multipe items, or out-of-stock items, please use the Department Order Request Form.

3. When ordering quantities that exceed our inventory or when ordering items that we don’t carry, orders should be place online use the Department Order Request Form. Below is some additional information that might be helpful for placing an online order.

Davenport University Vendors

The following list includes our most commonly used vendors along with searchable websites that will assist in the locating of specific items for departmental orders.

  •  Apparel: The Sanmar website contains apparel from Nike, North Face, Eddie Bauer, Ogio, Red House, Port Authority, Sport-tek, and others.
  • Office and School Supplies: The Douglas Stewart Company and Office Depot provide access to limitless office-type products.
  • Electronics, Computers, and other Gadgets: The Douglas Stewart Company and D&H  offer numerous computer and electronic devices.
  • Spirit Merchandise and Gifts: This category is tricky because the DU Bookstore purchases merchandise from numerous vendors, and not all of the vendors have online catalogs. In addition, we don’t have access to all items/lines for all vendors. Below, however, are a couple sites that might be useful.

Did you know?

1. Departments pay the actual cost of the products and apparel.

2. DU logos can be placed on almost anything and ordered with an online department order. Large orders or orders of items not stocked in the bookstore should be ordered using the Department Order Request Form. Please allow 3-4 weeks for special orders.

 3. If you are not ready to place an order but are seeking additional information or pricing about a possible order, please complete the Request for Price or Information Form.

Inter-Department Bookstore Charges:
1.     You will need to set up an account prior to making a department charge.  You will need your supervisor’s approval as well as the approval of the University’s Financial Manager to establish a department charge account and your Banner account number(s).  Please obtain a copy of this form from the bookstore staff.

2.    When making a purchase with your charge account in the store, you will need to provide your account number at the time of your purchase.  Your Banner account number will be used as your department charge account number so you don’t have to remember a new account number.

3.     You will be provided with a register receipt at the time your charge for your records.

4.    You will pay the bookstore’s cost on items when making a department charge. You do not pay the retail price.

5.    Upon your request, the bookstore will provide a monthly statement of your charges at the end of each month.

6.    You will be asked to update and confirm your department charge authorization at the end of the fiscal year.

7.    You may open more than one department charge account.  You may want more than one account to apply charges to different Banner accounts, i.e. you may want one account for supplies, an account for employee relations and an account for promotions.

8.    If you conduct department charges in the bookstore or anticipate making department charges in the future, you will need to set up your account(s).  Please take a moment to complete the department charge set up form.  The bookstore will e-mail your supervisor to approve your account before it will be active. 

If you have any questions or concerns, you may ask your bookstore staff or contact Ken Verhulst, ext.  1201.  We appreciate your time and consideration as we improve our operations and services.  We look forward to your bookstore visit!