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Cash For Books/Book Buyback

Need Cash?  At the end of the term or semester the University will offer the opportunity to sell your books back if you feel you will no longer need them for future classes or brush up.

Tips on selling your books:

  1. You may get as much as 50% or as low as 10% of what you paid for your book. The bookstore does not determine what is paid for your used book, it depends on how many books are needed for the following semester.
  2. Be Early! Don't wait to sell your books. Typically the highest amount paid is early in the buy back when supply of the book is low. Publishers may come out with a new edition of the book and your old edition will not be worth as much.
  3. If you don't get any money for your book, you may want to hang onto it and try to sell again next semester. There may be another school now using the book and our service may need to buy it to offer them used books.
  4. Keep all of the CD's and/or any other materials that came with your book and bring them with you to buyback.
  5. You will need photo ID for buy back.

Sell your books - 24/7

You can sell your books back anytime during the year through the online bookstore!

Sell my books!


Having trouble selling your textbooks?

Watch this short video below.

Helpful Hints:

  • You can enter in your text book information and you will get a quote on how much you will receive for your books. If you agree, you will be sent a pre-paid postage sticker.
  • Send your books back and you will receive a check in about 5 days.
  • Books must be in good condition and meet the used criteria -see the website for more details.