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Entrepreneurial Center Consulting Services
  • Davenport’s course-based project student consulting teams utilize our business and technology talent to complete the high-level project work of your business or non-profit organization.
  • Under faculty supervision, students consult with you, the external client, to assess the needs of your organization and design and deliver projects to meet those needs.
  • Student project consultants can provide project-based assistance to allow your organization to function more efficiently.


  • Obtain new ideas
  • Engage with potential customers and clients
  • Receive practical recommendations
  • Improve organizational performance
  • Receive a detailed written final report and presentation summarizing the project and recommendations

Typical Project Types

  • Business plans
  • Feasibility studies
  • Market Research & Analysis
  • Relevance Studies
  • Accounting & Finance Studies
  • Systems Analysis & Review
  • Marketing Plans
  • Technology Requirements Planning
  • Plus a variety of other projects customized to your business or IT needs


College of Technology
TECH489 –  Field Experience in Technology, Fall 2017
Instructor: Vivianne Moore, PHD
Course Testimonial by Louis Jackson (Student)
Major: Network Security
"Tech489 Field Experience Technology course created an exceptional “win-win” opportunity for student collaboration in project teams online to offer “real-world, time-sensitive” technology-based solutions and recommendations, for a local Michigan business. Course engaged in leadership, team building, project planning, research, and reports for best practice I.T. Security needs.  Best online student to business collaboration experience!  Awesome use of technology interacting with the business owner!  Great course, under the direction of Dr. Vivianne Moore!"

 - Louis J.

Advanced Interactive Response Systems (AIRS)

Newago, Michigan
CEO: Valerie Obenchain, RT
"AIRS greatly appreciates the opportunity to work with Davenport students. We have found the students to be very insightful in the research and prototyping they have preformed for our oxygen monitoring devices. The student projects have brought value to AIRS and a new learning experience for the students. Davenport University student projects benefit both the students and business."
 - Valerie Obenchain, Founder and CEO of AIRS