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Margaret Mwenda

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Margaret Mwenda, Assistant Professor
Management, Department Chair
Maine College of Business
Ph D from The University of Iowa, 2010
MBA from Governors State University, 1995
Grand Rapids Campus

Dr. Mwenda started teaching marketing courses at DU in 2010. She has more than ten years of professional experience teaching at higher educational institutions in Kenya and in the USA. Her key areas of teaching interest have been in marketing and research methods. In addition, Dr. Mwenda has professional experience in industry as a marketing manager (SPSS East and Central Africa), supervisory role in logistics (K-Mart Corporation Distribution & Logistics, Illinois), and lead program researcher/evaluator (The University of Iowa).

Dr. Mwenda’s research focused on minority college students’ success which hinges on factors such as financial aid, mentoring, and peer support. She has presented on the topic at local colleges which grapple with this issue and at national conferences (American Association for the Advancement of Science; American Evaluation Association). Her future research will expand into minority students’ success in business disciplines.

Dr. Mwenda’s is a firm believer in engaging students in the learning process, in developing critical thinking, and in community engagement. In this endeavor, she has used experiential learning as a tool to engage her students in solving problems for community partners.