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Vivianne Moore

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Vivianne Moore
Computer Information Systems,
College of Technology
MBA from Davenport University, 2017
Ph D from University of Phoenix, 2013
Online Campus

Dr. Vivianne Moore currently serves as the Associate Department Chair for the College of Technology’s Global Campus. Dr. Moore has over 20 years’ experience in various leadership roles and has worked in the healthcare, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, and hospitality industries in both the private and government sectors.

Vivianne has led technical and business teams in multi-million dollar projects across varied disciples, industries, and geographic locations. Vivianne combines superior technical skills with diverse experience in program and project management, knowledge management, portfolio management, software development, security auditing, and field engineering. Dr. Moore has worked in various Fortune 500, privately owned, and start-up companies with proven success in leadership and company growth.

Dr. Moore received a doctoral degree with honors in Organizational Leadership with a specialization in Information Systems and Technology from the University of Phoenix. She holds a master’s degree in Computer Information Systems and a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology with a specialization in Web Management. Dr. Moore teaches both at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the areas of Computer Information Systems and Technology Management.

  • Delta Mu Delta (DMD), 2012