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Faculty Senate Bylaws


Faculty Senate By-Laws

The Davenport University Faculty Senate (FS) is the representative body of the faculty.  The senate is recognized as an autonomous body that serves as an advisory and consultative group to university leadership on academic matters. 

The purpose of the faculty senate includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • To communicate faculty recommendations to the Provost.    
  • To facilitate faculty communication and engagement on university committees and teams. 

Senate Structure
The faculty senate makes recommendations requiring action to the Provost.

The Davenport University Faculty Senate is comprised of all full-time Davenport University faculty (with 10-month appointments), lab coordinators (12-month appointments), associate department chairs (who do not supervise full-time faculty), part-time teaching and learning coordinators who have faculty status, librarians with full-time faculty designation and campus associate department chairs.

Faculty Senate Officers
Elections will be held at the final winter semester meeting each year.  Officers will serve for one year. The following officers will be elected:

  • President:  The President will normally preside at all meetings and will serve as the chief spokesperson for the Senate. 
  • Vice President (VP):  The VP will work with the President to promote the goals and workings of the Faculty Senate. This person will preside over meetings in the absence of the President. 
  • Communication Officer (CO):  The CO will work with the President and Vice President to promote the goals and workings of the Faculty Senate.  This person will be responsible for all internal and external communication regarding the Faculty Senate, including attendance records and meeting minutes. 
  • Technology Officer (TO):  The TO will work with President, Vice President and Communications Officer to manage all technological needs (remote meetings, voting systems, assessment of new technology needs, etc.) of the Faculty Senate.  This person will also work with the Communications Officer to manage any electronic (web) content related to the Faculty Senate.

The Faculty Senate will meet at least three times during the fall semester (including TLI) and at least three times during the winter semester (including Graduation Day.) The goal of the Faculty Senate will be to meet at a time and place that will be as inclusive as possible based on members’ schedules and locations.  All meetings will include an option for virtual attendance.

Before each regular meeting, the president will put out a call for agenda items; an agenda will be sent to all members via email.  Each agenda will include an item for new business.

Regular meetings are open only to Faculty Senate members.  The quorum for a meeting will be ten Faculty Senate members, one of whom is an officer.  Agenda items and specific discussion and debate are considered to be confidential among the members.  Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each meeting; the minutes will reflect the number of attendees and the attending officer(s), to establish quorum status.

Guests may be invited or they may request to speak at a meeting, including (but not limited to) the Davenport President, the Provost, and other EVP’s . 

The Faculty Senate has the responsibility to:

  • Communicate with its members and leadership
  • Maintain a current webpage
  • Elect officers
  • Seek proactive, positive solutions for the betterment of the university and its stakeholders.

Committee Representation
There will be dedicated official FS representatives participating with and reporting on (including but not limited to) the following committees:

Functional Area

Number of Representatives

Assigned FS Member



FS President

President Leadership Team


FS President

Curriculum Committee



Human Resources Team



Provost Advisory Committee



Scheduling Committee



Campus Director meetings



Strategic planning



University Advisory Committee



Faculty Senate Committees

Executive Committee
This committee shall be comprised of the President, Vice President, Communication Officer and Technology Officer.  This committee will work to lead the Senate and act on behalf of the members.

By-Laws Committee
This committee will be composed of three active FS members who will review the by-laws prior to the first FS meeting in the fall semester and suggest changes to the members as needed for the betterment of the Faculty Senate.

Election Committee
The Election Committee shall conduct elections. This committee will be composed of three active FS members who will seek qualified officer candidates each year to serve as Faculty Senate officers. They will present a slate of nominees at the election meeting that will be held during the last FS meeting of the winter semester.  Note: for the first year of Faculty Senate inception, a slate of nominees will be prepared by the Faculty Senate Steering Committee.

Members of the By-Laws and Election Committees will be proposed by the Faculty Senate President and approved by the Senate.

By-Law Governance
The Faculty Senate shall be governed by its by-laws.  Any changes to the by-laws must be presented to the members for consideration prior to a scheduled meeting.  Any changes to the by-laws must be approved by a ⅔ vote of members present.

Rules of Order
The Faculty Senate meetings shall follow Robert’s Rules of Order to conduct business.

Decisions will be made by majority vote.  Votes may be collected in person and/or electronically as circumstances permit.