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Financial Aid: Where, How and Who to Call

We recommend trying to contact your campus counselor first. Your counselor will be able to assist you with any questions you have about your financial aid award and process.

Contact us
Main phone line: 616-732-1130*  
Toll free: 866-774-0004
Fax: 616-732-1141
Dept. email:
Your Financial Aid Counseling Team: Available to talk with you


student population



David DeBoer   Executive Director of Financial Aid 1132 
Amanda Powe All Warren and Online A - BO Financial Aid Counselor 4035
TBA Online SU - VA Assistant Director Financial Aid 3733
Megan Eding Lettinga CB-GR Online BP - CL Financial Aid Counselor 1129
Gretchen Wilson All Grand Rapids Downtown, Lettinga A - CA Financial Aid Counselor 3736
Island Ellerby Lansing A - K and Online CM - GN Financial Aid Counselor 8218
Jamie Bryant Lettinga GS - LD and Online GO - JO Financial Aid Counselor 3727
Cameo Castle Lettinga LE - OV and Online JP - LA Senior Financial Aid Counselor 3729
Jillian Saunders All Holland and Lettinga OW - SM Financial Aid Counselor 3738
Lisa Young All Livonia, All Wayne CC, All Macomb CC, All Schoolcraft CC, and Online LB - NU Senior Financial Aid Counselor 2821
Lori Russell Lettinga SN - Z and Online NV - QU Senior Financial Aid Counselor 3728
Richard Baker Online VB - Z Assistant Director Financial Aid


Ron Martin Lansing L - Z and Online QV - ST Financial Aid Counselor 8217
Wendy Stephens All Flint, All Kalamazoo, All Midland, All Saginaw, and All Traverse City Financial Aid Counselor


Financial Aid Compliance Team:




Leah Aalderink Director of University Compliance 3732
Patricia Finerty Assistant Director-Government Programs 1127
Karin Vorenkamp Assistant Director-Government Programs 3735
Heather Wieber Compliance Coordinator 3731





Jay Clausen  Director of Financial Aid Systems
Jean Balcer   Assistant Director Financial Aid 
 Mark Curtis  Financial Aid Systems Specialist