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How do I answer Question 26?

You must have a high school diploma, GED, or an equivalent, including Home Schooling, in order to receive financial aid.  Do not leave this question blank.

Question 26 on the FAFSA is as follows:

When you begin college what will be your high school completion status? Which of the following did you complete?:

  • High School Diploma. This means you have received or will receive a high school diploma before the date of your initial enrollment in college.
  • General Educational Development (GED). This means you have received or will receive a GED diploma before the first date of your enrollment in college.
  • Home Schooled. This means you have completed home schooling at the secondary level regulated by your state.
  • None of the above. This means you do NOT have a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent and did not complete secondary school in a home school setting.

IMPORTANT: When Will You Start College?

 It is important that you answer this question thinking about when you will start college, NOT your status when you are filling out the form.  So, for example, a current high school senior who will graduate in June and enroll at Davenport for the coming fall semester would answer question 26 as "1," having a high school diploma. This means that you will have graduated from high school before you enrolled at Davenport.

Do not leave this question blank!  Even if you have been out of high school for awhile and are ready to go to college, you need to answer this question.

How do you know if you need to answer the question?  You can check it yourself by logging in to your FAFSA on the Web.  Check question 26.

In addition, Davenport's Financial Aid Office is sending an e-mail or letter to students letting them know if they need to make the correction. 

If you want to check how you answered FAFSA question 26, go to  Click on "View and Print Your Student Aid Report" under Step 3 to view your responses to the entire FAFSA.  If you did not answer question 26 correctly, you can make a correction using the same web site: