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Selective Service

Male? Military Registration Required.

The federal government requires all males to register for selective service.  If you have not done so, you can register through the FAFSA.  Only males are required to register. Whether a person is male or female is a matter for medical determination. If you question whether or not you need to register, call the Selective Service at 847-688-6888 for a Status Information Letter.

If you have been notified that you need to provide proof of registering for Selective Service, please review the appropriate steps below:


Male Between 18 and 25

Persons in this group are required to be registered with Selective Service in order to be eligible for federal student aid. If you have already done so, you must submit a copy of your Selective Service registration card to the Financial Aid Office.

If you have not yet registered, you may either:

a) Login into to FAFSA on the web ( and correct your FAFSA checking the "register me" indicator for question #22. The federal processor will forward your information to Selective Service for registration.

b) Register yourself electronically at and forward your confirmation to the Financial Aid Office.

c) Complete a Selective Service registration form, available at your local Post Office, and submit a copy of your registration card to the Financial Aid Office when received.

Your financial aid file can not be processed further until this documentation is received.

Male Age 26 and over

It is no longer possible for you to register with Selective Service. You must contact the Selective Service Agency at 1-847-688-6888 to request an "advisory letter." Submit this letter along with your written explanation of why you did not register with Selective Service during the time you were between ages 18 and 25. We will respond to you in writing within 10 business days upon receipt of documentation.

A Male or Female Born Before 1960

Provide appropriate documentation to the Davenport financial aid office, such as a birth certificate, or fill out the Selective Service form available on the forms page.