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Athletic Aid FAQ

10 FAQs for Student Athletes

1. How do I get an athletic scholarship?

-In order to get an athletic scholarship, you must come to an agreement with the coach of your respective sport that you will receive a scholarship for playing. Once that agreement is made, a Letter of Intent (LOI) must be signed and sent to the financial aid office.

2. What is a Letter of Intent (LOI)?

-A Letter of Intent (LOI) is a formal letter stating that both the coach of the respective sport and the athlete agree upon the amount that is being offered for the scholarship. The letter is then signed by the coach, the student, and the director of athletics. Once this is done the letter is sent to the financial aid office to be processed.

**Please be aware that not all Letters of Intent have a scholarship attached. Please carefully review the terms and conditions of your Letter of Intent before signing**

3. Why is my athletic scholarship not on my account?

-There are a number of reasons your athletic scholarship may not be on your account. You may not be enrolled in enough credits, we may not have a FAFSA on file for you in order to put the scholarship on your account or we may not have received your Letter of Intent (LOI) from the athletics department. Please contact the athletics department first to make sure the Letter of Intent (LOI) was send to the financial aid office. If they confirm that is was set to us, please contact the Financial Aid office with questions.

4. How many credits must I take to keep my athletic scholarship?

-Student athletes are required to take a minimum of 12 credits in order to receive their athletic scholarship. If you plan to take less than 12 credits, you will need to have approval from your coach sent to the Financial Aid office stating they are permitting you to receive the full amount of your scholarship without being a full-time student.

5. Why is my athletic scholarship not paying on my account?

-Your athletic scholarship may not be paying due to a number of reasons. You will want to contact the Financial Aid office in order to find out why the scholarship did not pay on your account.

6. Do I have to pay my athletic scholarship back?

-No. An athletic scholarship is gift aid and does not have to be paid back.

7. How long will I have my athletic scholarship?

-All student athletes are eligible to receive an athletic scholarship for four years per NCAA regulations.

8. Why did I not get an athletic scholarship?

-You may not have gotten an athletic scholarship for a number of reasons. You may have signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) that indicated no financial scholarship; we may not have received your Letter of Intent (LOI) from the athletic department or you may not have been awarded one by your coach.

9. Can the financial aid office increase my athletic scholarship?

-No. Any increases in your athletic scholarship need to be given to you by your coach. You must sign a new Letter of Intent (LOI) and have it go through the normal process to be awarded the funds.

10. Does my Standard of Academic Progress (SAP) Status effect my athletic aid?

-Yes. When you are under SAP, all aid on the account is suspended until the SAP Appeal is approved.