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Scholarships offered by Davenport University

 You Can't Qualify if You Don't Apply!

Davenport University offers our own scholarships and scholarships from the Davenport Foundation, to help make your education affordable. The scholarship guidelines in this section will help you get started with important details about scholarships. 

NOTE: Most DU scholarships are disbursed toward tuition, fees and books after all federal and state aid (excluding student loans) has been applied. External scholarships (Ex: Rotary Clubs, churches, etc.) can be used to cover other University costs such as books or on-campus room and board. The scholarship payment process will not result in a refund to the student.


  • You can receive only one DU institutional scholarship within the award year. 
  • If you qualify for multiple scholarships, you will receive the most beneficial scholarship. 
  • If you are eligible for both a DU institutional scholarship and a tuition discount because of a Davenport partnership agreement, you will receive the more beneficial program.
  • Scholarships are awarded for the current semester going forward. We do not retroactively award scholarships.

Browse our scholarship opportunities. Contact your campus financial aid counselor with questions!