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Scholarship Guidelines

Understanding Your Scholarship

Davenport University provides institutional funding for student scholarships based on several factors that include but are not limited to the following: merit, financial need and/or other published scholarship criteria.

Keeping Your Scholarship

All scholarships must meet the following criteria:

  • Student must file a FAFSA (excluding international students).
  • Student must meet specific criteria and deadline dates as required for each scholarship. Scholarships have limited funds; therefore, early application to the university is encouraged. 
  • Student must provide the University with all requested information before the scholarship can be awarded.
  • Scholarships are awarded for the current semester going forward. We do not retroactively award scholarships.
  • Student must maintain satisfactory academic progress.
  • Student must demonstrate the academic excellence goals of Davenport University by meeting minimum CGPA as specified by the criteria of the scholarships.
  • Student who fails to meet a required CGPA to maintain a scholarship, but meets the requirements of a different scholarship, will receive that new scholarship. Student who has extenuating circumstances can appeal to the Financial Aid Office. 
  • Student must be enrolled in classes at least half-time (minimum of 6 credit hours) except for the Study Abroad Scholarships.
  • The award year for scholarships is defined as fall and winter semesters. Any unused funds for the award year may be used spring/summer (not to exceed the per semester maximum). 
  • Student must begin using the scholarship within the award year of selection.
  • Student can receive only one DU institutional scholarship within the award year. If a student qualifies for multiple scholarships, the student will receive the most beneficial scholarship.
  • Students who are eligible for both a DU institutional scholarship and a tuition discount due to a Davenport partnership agreement will receive the more beneficial program.
  • Scholarships will cover up to tuition, fees and books after all federal and state aid (excluding student loans and work study) has been applied. External scholarships (Ex: Rotary Clubs, churches, etc.) can be used to cover other University costs such as books or room and board, but will not result in a refund to the student.