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General Scholarships

Scholarships are a great resource to help reduce your reliance on student loans. Listed below are some categorical and general scholarships that you may qualify for. Do not be discouraged if you have missed a deadline for a scholarship, most of the scholarship opportunities are offered year after year. Check the website for the current availability. You may also contact the Financial Aid office toll free at (866) 383-3548 for additional financial aid questions.

Non-essay scholarships 

Name of Scholarship Amount Due Date
Create-A-Greeting-Card $10,000 March 2nd
Michigan Retailers Association Up to $10,000 April 1st
CenturyLink scholarship $1,000 June 14th Internet and Education $1,000 June 14th
Car Insurance Safe Driver $1,000 July 15th
LendingTree $2,500 July 15th
The Yellow Pages United Mark Smith  $2,000 July 22nd
The COIT Clean Living $2,000 August 1st
Commerce Bank $1,000

August 31st

US Bank Internet Program Up to $20,000

September 30th

Bella Bathrooms $1,000

September 30th

PromisePay $1,000

September 30th

Common Knowledge Up to $2,500

Several due dates

 Scholarships for Particular Circumstances

Name of Scholarship Special Circumstances Amount Due Date
Buckfire & Buckfire 2016 Scholarship Student with a disability $1,000 April 1st
OneTri Student Triathlete Participated in a marathon $500 April 1st
Aging Matters  Cares for a senior adult $1,500 May 1st
Brick House Security Families of wounded police officers  $10,000 May 15th
Avonte Oquendo Memorial Scholarship Living with Autism, yourself or a family member $1,000 July 31st
Ernst Law Group Caring for someone with a serious brain injury $1,000 July 31st Working parent $1,000 August 13th
Educational Mosaic Clinic Hair Transplant Center Living with hair loss $250 August 30th
Karman Healthcare Student with a disability $500 September 1st
Jim Dobson Law Scholarship Caring for someone with a serious brain injury $1,500  November 30th
National Garage Door Atlanta Asthma and Allergy Living with asthma $1,000 December 15th
Michigan Auto Law Car Accident Injury Survivor Survivor of a automobile accident $500 December 31st
Chalik & Chalik Annual Survivors Scholarship Survived serious medical circumstances $1,000 Several
Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Student whose life was impacted by cancer $4,000 Several
Auger & Auger Disabled Scholar Student with a disability $1,000 Several

 Scholarships for Graduate Students

Name of Scholarship  Amount Due Date
UUAW Up to $18,000 January 10th
Nurses Educational Funds Varies February 1st $500 April 1st
Golden Key International Honour Society $10,000 June 15th
National Black MBA Association Up to $10,000 June 24th
Susan R. Meisinger Fellowship for Graduate Study in HR Up to $10,000 August 15th
Military MBA $20,000 August 15th
Institute for Diversity in Health Management Up to $5,000


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