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State of Michigan Scholarships & Grants

NOTE about MTG and MCS: The State of Michigan has approved the budget for the Michigan Competitive Scholarship and the Michigan Tuition Grant.  Students who are eligible for either of these programs will be awarded once the State sends the official roster to Davenport.  Currently, there is no specific timeline for the State to provide that information to the university.

Basic Eligibility Information

Michigan students may be eligible for State grants and scholarships in addition to other forms of financial aid. All Michigan awards are contingent on budgeted appropriation, funds available and residency requirements.

Residency Requirements

  • Michigan residency is required from July 1 of the year prior to enrollment. Students must re-apply each year.
  • It is each student's responsibility to register under the proper residence classification, to advise the Financial Aid Office or their advisor of possible changes in residence, and to furnish all requested information about proof of residency.
  • Since students normally come to Davenport University for the primary or sole purpose of attending the institution, rather than establishing a domicile in Michigan, those who enroll in Davenport University as nonresidents will continue to be so classified throughout their attendance as students unless and until they demonstrate that their previous domicile has been abandoned and a Michigan domicile established.
  • No students shall be eligible to receive Michigan Higher Education Assistance Authority funding (Michigan Tuition Grant or Michigan Competitive Scholarship) unless they/their parents have met this requirement before July 1 for the following award year.

Does your FAFSA need updates to become eligible for MTG or MCS?

  • If you need to change your college choice to Davenport University, correct question 101 on your FAFSA placing Davenport University as your first choice. The school code for all Davenport University Campuses is 002249.
  • If you need to correct residency information, answer questions 18, 19 and 20 on the FAFSA. If you are dependent your parents will need to answer questions 69, 70 and 71 on the FAFSA.
  • If you need to correct year in college information, change your answer to question 29 on your FAFSA (see listing below):

    0=1st year, never attended college
    1=1st year, attended college previously
    2=2nd year/sophomore
    3=3rd year/junior
    4=4th year/senior
    5=5th year/other undergraduate