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Davenport University awards students according to Federal government base loan eligibility. The purpose in moderating loan awards is to assist students with minimizing their debt so as to help them successfully complete their program at Davenport.  To that end, we encourage students to contact their Financial Aid Counselor prior to submitting this form..

Sometimes students need to borrow more than their original award. Students can use this form to request additional loan funds. The Financial Aid Office will use this request to check for additional loan eligibility for students.

General Guidelines for Requesting Additional Loan Funds:

  • Loan requests should be submitted prior to mid-semester for priority processing.
  • Loan requests received after mid-semester may not be certified and disbursed until the next semester.
  • Loan requests received after the semester’s end may be denied.
  • Students must have a valid Master Promissory Note (MPN) and completed Entrance Interview on file before a loan request can be processed.
  • Students must be maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  • Students must be enrolled at least a half-time to be eligible for a loan disbursement.
  • Davenport University will inform students if the amount requested cannot be honored after the Financial Aid Office makes a complete eligibility determination.

What is your eligibility?

View your award: Check your current award prior to submitting this request. Please login in to the Student Connection - Student Payment Center to view your semester balance.  Check the following items:

  • Make sure you view your current awards
  • Do you have any outstanding requirements? (Student Connection - Financial Aid Requirements)
  • Are loans currently awarded?
  • New students: have you completed Entrance Counseling and a Master Promissory Note (MPN)?

Check your bill for the current term: Go to the Student Payment Center for your statement to see whether you have sufficient funds to cover your tuition, fees, and books.

  • Fall semester bills will be available after the second week of July
  • Winter semester will be available after the second week of November
  • Spring/Summer semester will be available after the first week of March.
  • Keep a book voucher in mind. The maximum book voucher is generally $900, if you qualify.  This will not show on the Student Payment Center.
  • You may still submit a loan request even if your semester charges are not yet available.

Maximum eligibility

  • Click here to see a chart of the federal government maximum loan eligibility over a two-semester period. Per semester amounts are 50% of the two-semester maximum.
  • The financial aid office must calculate your exact eligibility based upon the two-semester maximums, your overall total loan aggregates, and information you provided in your FAFSA.
  • More information about your loan aggregates are available at NSLDS.

Submit your request by using the link below.


Loan Request Form


Loans will be processed only for accepted students who are scheduled for the current or upcoming semester so that the financial aid office can ensure your eligibility for additional loan funds.