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Online Behavior

We ask your compliance in the following:

  • Distribution or selling of any student or faculty email address is prohibited

  • No Flaming (rash, vulgar, aggressive put-downs) is tolerated

  • When “chatting” in student areas or chat rooms, casual use of the language is appropriate.  

  • When debating and contributing to course discussions, formal grammar, correct spelling and sentence structure is expected

  • Keep your Caps Lock off.  The effect looks like SHOUTING to the reader

  • Any violation of the University’s anti-harassment policy through the use of student email, University electronic classrooms, and student instant messaging is strictly prohibited and should be reported to an instructor and/or academic advisor

Respect for Others

In the collegial environment, debate and discussion are a part of our learning.  Make sure your comments are focused on the content, not the individual who contributed them.  Treat others with the respect you would want from them.