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Attendance Policy

For Traditional Online courses -  Instructors must submit attendance by midnight of the seventh day of the week. Example: if the session starts on Wednesday, then attendance must be submitted by midnight on the next Tuesday. If a holiday falls during a particular week, the week is extended by the same number of days.

For Real-Time Virtual -  Your instructor will submit attendance by the end of each class period or immediately after. For example, if a class meets from 8-10 am on Mondays and Wednesdays, attendance will be taken on Monday by 10 am and again on Wednesday by 10 am. Attendance does not need to be taken on Holidays.

Students required to take courses on-campus (e.g. Military scholarships or International students) must check-in at the front-desk of their campus prior to their class each session to ensure attendance is recorded in compliance with their agreement. 

For more information review Undergraduate Attendance Practice and Graduate Attendance Practice.