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Student Responsibilities

Global Campus Student Responsibilities

  • Netiquette - Like any course that meets face-to-face, you are expected to participate in a professional manner in all course communications, discussion areas and virtual classrooms. 

  • Textbook policies - Global campus students should acquire textbooks and required course materials by the start of class. Required textbooks for each course can be found on the Davenport University Online Bookstore website.
  • Student Code of Conduct - The Student Code of Conduct contains specifics regarding our Anti-Harassment, Non-Discrimination, Academic Dishonesty, and Student Arbitration Policies.
  • Technology Policy (Internet access, stability) - Global campus students are expected to have reliable access to required technology tools and the internet for the duration of the course
  • Workload and Attendance - Both offerings provide flexibility to Global Campus students for whom traditional in-seat classes may be inconvenient.  All courses adhere to the University Attendance Practice (Graduate and Undergraduate details are available online).

  • Academic Integrity - The work that a student submits shall be a fair representation of his/her ability, knowledge and skill. The University expects students to respect and exhibit these principles as they form the basis of the quality of the institution and the quality of Davenport’s graduates.
  • Blackboard Course Access Policy - Access to Global Campus courses is only available for one semester after the course has ended.  Setting the courses as "unavailable" is a process that is programmed into our Blackboard (Bb) system.  There are several reasons for this; however, the main one is to reduce the amount of data stored on the server to allow for better maneuverability within active courses for students and faculty.  Davenport is not able to open access to previous courses.  Please plan accordingly.