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University Academic Policies

Academic Guidelines for Global Campus Students

Policies, procedures and requirements can be found within this area for students taking all their courses online. Each of the following areas contains detailed instructions and documents about a particular procedure or requirement. It is important to consult this information if you have questions while taking online courses. 

Know the requirements

Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves and complying with the regulations of the University. A lack of knowledge about complying with these policies cannot excuse students from not meeting or following these regulations. 

  • Attendance Policy - Davenport is focused on helping students succeed academically and preparing them to start careers upon graduation. One way we can help them succeed is by adhering to our attendance practice in all undergraduate and graduate courses. Regular class attendance improves student success.
  • Final Grade Appeal - Students may appeal the final grade received in their course using this procedure and required form.  Please read carefully to ensure that you have both met the criteria for an appeal and are appealing within the required timeframe.
  • Incomplete Grade Request - If faced with an emergency that prevents the completion of a course, students may request an Incomplete.