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Final Grade Appeal

Grade Appeal Procedure

The grade appeal process should be used only when the student believes that the final course grade assigned is unfair.  It is not to be used to challenge grades on individual assignments or quizzes.  A grade appeal is not appropriate when a student simply disagrees with the faculty member’s judgment about the quality of the student’s work.  Grounds for a grade appeal are: 

  • The grade has been assigned on the basis of something other than performance in the course.
  •  Standards utilized in the determination of the student’s grade are more exacting or demanding than those applied to other students;
  •  An error was made in calculating the grade;
  •  The grade is based upon standards that are significant, unannounced and unreasonable departures from those articulated in the course description or syllabus distributed at the beginning of the course.  

It is the responsibility of the student to justify that a change of grade is an appropriate action.  Students must adhere to the timelines delineated in this policy.

Steps to Follow

STEP 1:  Student contacts instructor. 

The student must contact the Instructor and submit the Final Grade Appeal form within three (3) days of the start of the following session.  The student must send a copy of the Final Grade Appeal to the Director of Academic Services (DOAS) at his or her campus. The Instructor will note his or her decision and rational on the grade appeal form and forward to the Student and the campus Director of Academic Services (DOAS). 

NOTE:  To progress to Step 2, you must submit a detailed written statement and additional documentation to support your position to the Director of Academic Services within 10 days of the Instructor’s decision.  

STEP 2:  Meeting with student, instructor, Department Chair, and Director of Academic Services.  

If the student and instructor are unable to reach a resolution, the student will submit a detailed written statement, with supporting documentation, to the Director of Academic Services within 10 days of the instructor’s denial to begin the formal appeal process following the instructor’s response.  The Director of Academic Services will facilitate a discussion with the instructor, the student, and the Department Chair either face to face or via e-mail.  The student will be informed of the decision by the Department Chair.  Part 2 of the Appeal Form will be completed and returned to the student with the decision of the Department Chair.

STEP 3:  Student Faculty Relations Committee

If the issue is not resolved to the student’s satisfaction in Step 2, the student may submit a request to the Department Chair to appeal to the Student Faculty Relations Committee (SFRC) within 10 days of the Department Chair’s denial.  In order to advance the appeal to this third and final step, the student must provide information that has not previously been considered as a part of the appeal or additional documentation demonstrating why the decision reached by the Department Chair was in error. The Department Chair will establish an ad hoc (pro tem) review committee made up of a student, a faculty member, and a department coordinator.  The Department Chair will forward all written documentation including the Appeal Form, to the SFRC.  The SFRC will provide a written decision.  The decision of the SFRC is final.