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Graduate Degrees in Business, Technology and Health Careers

We teach the skills employers want

To ensure that your graduate studies deliver critical skills in the latest fields, Davenport consistently:

  • Reviews programs
  • Talks to employers
  • Researches market conditions
  • Applies findings to curriculum

We Help You Look Good

If you are a professional considering a graduate degree, you’re in the right place. Davenport, with a more than 150-year history of excellence, is:

  • Results-oriented
  • Nationally respected
  • Sought after by employers

We Prepare You for More

In class or online, our degrees often lead to high starting salaries for our graduates. Check out our latest, innovative master’s designed to help you get where the world is going.

College of Business

College of Technology

College of Health Professions

College of Urban Education our newest focus in groundbreaking opportunities

College of Arts and Sciences

Master of Business Administration

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Davenport University can make all the difference in your career advancement. We help you step into your future with a 30-credit MBA degree offered in three different platforms, either online or on campus.

  • Traditional MBA
  • 12-month MBA
  • Competency-Based MBA

A great choice if you want to advance in your present career or pursue a new professional direction.

Master of Accountancy

The Master of Accountancy is one of only a handful of programs across the country which offers graduate-level concentrations in fraud investigation, managerial accounting and internal auditing. The Master of Accountancy program offers multiple tracks that either culminate in taking CPA, CMA, CIA or CFE preparation courses, or focuses more broadly on general accountancy or a finance emphasis.

Master of Management

Less about numbers. More about management. The Master of Management (MM) is a special master’s program for students wanting to focus their graduate degree on the qualitative aspects – people and organizations - of management. The focus areas of this 33-credit program include: leadership, stakeholder engagement, a culture of change, collaboration, process management and contemporary structure and design. Theory, application, and reflection are integrated throughout this program to enhance creativity, critical thinking, and decision-making capabilities. Courses are grounded in organizational development and integrate all of the functions of management - managing people/processes/resources.

Additional degrees

Master of Health Informatics and
Information Management (HIIM)

This uniquely valued degree builds your ability to examine the spectrum of information used in healthcare, including:

  • Data collection
  • Storage access
  • Data protection and security
  • Analysis and application

You will be qualified to manage, analyze and transform health information into meaningful intelligence. Join our successful graduates in this fast-growing field.

Master of Science Occupational
Therapy Fall 2015

This degree provides practice-based education if your goal is to be a practicing occupational therapist. Fieldwork experiences are a significant part of your work in this full-time, consecutive semesters and field placement program. Requires full-time availability.

Master of Science in Nursing

This online degree offers an advanced level of graduate study expanding on the knowledge, skills, and competencies acquired at the baccalaureate or entry-level nursing education program. It prepares post-licensure baccalaureate registered nurses for an advanced nursing role.

Additional degrees

Master of Science
Information Assurance

Davenport’s MSIA program is certified by the NSA as a Center of Academic Excellence. Ideal if you want to be an expert in cyber-attack management for corporate, financial and governmental agencies with high earnings. An IT bachelor’s degree is the foundation that builds your ability to:

  • Protect any entity’s technological security
  • Lead and manage diverse IT teams
  • Make key decisions regarding wireless/mobile/network security needs

Master of Science
Technology Management

This master’s prepares you as an organizational IT leader. An employer-preferred approach integrates exceptional technology skills with key business and leadership abilities. Together, this high-powered program can set you apart to drive your company — and your career — forward.

Additional degrees

Master of Science Urban Education

We are proud of this exciting opportunity to transform learning across our country. Led by the renowned Dr. Andre Perry, if you are a passionate educator and advocate for the urban student, this degree could change your life. Learn more

Master of Science Data Analytics

One of only a few of its kind in the U.S., and the only online program of its kind in Michigan, this advanced degree is ideal for current managers and bachelor’s degreed students who enjoy statistics and analytical thinking. Prepare to excel as a key decision maker through in-depth analytics knowledge as you:

  • Make valuable predictions about future trends
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Optimize organizational resources

Additional degrees

The DU Advantage

  • Courses available online and in classroom
  • State-of-the-art online technology and support
  • High quality coursework
  • 11 campuses statewide
  • Low student-to-faculty ratio
  • Specializing in careers of the future
  • Practical, in-field experiences