Strategic Management Graduate Certificate

Graduate Certificate (12 credits)

Graduate Certificates provide students with the opportunity to deepen their skills in a particular subject. They may be completed at any time while taking Master of Business Administration courses provided the prerequisites are met, or may be completed as a stand-alone certificate.

The credit for a single course cannot be applied to more than one degree or certificate; a course substitution must be approved by the Department Chair.

Prerequisite: MGMT653 Leading Organizations (3 cr) and BUSN688 Quantitative Business Analysis (3 cr) are required prerequisites that must be completed prior to taking the following courses in the Graduate Certificate in Strategic Management.

*Students who completed GPMT499 and/or MGMT399 at the undergraduate level are not eligible to complete GPMT699 and/or MGMT699 and may not use either undergraduate class as a substitute for GPMT699 or MGMT699.

Select three of the following courses:
(9) Credits
GPMT699* or MGMT735 Certified Project Manager Professional (PMP)® or Managing Projects 3
HRMG700 Managing Human Resources 3
MGMT699* Certified Manager (CM) Examination 3
MGMT757 Operations & Supply Chain Mgt 3
12 Credits
MGMT747 Sustainable Business Strategie 3