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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How will my graduate program and studies differ from my undergraduate?
Answer: You will notice three major differences in your graduate program than what you experienced in your undergraduate program. First, your undergraduate program provided you with a well-rounded education that included general education courses and broader based courses in your major or area of study. In your graduate program, your coursework will be much more focused with an in-depth study of field in which your graduate degree is based upon. Second, in your undergraduate work, you concentrated on knowledge that is already known and been proven. In your graduate work, you will move towards adding to an existing body of knowledge through research and projects that consider unproven theories. Last, you will notice a difference in your relationship with your faculty. In your graduate program, expect to have more extensive involvement from your faculty. You will have faculty sponsors when it comes to research and projects.

Question: What is a Plan of Work?
Answer: A Plan of Work is an outline of courses that a graduate student plans to take. The Plan should be completed with the student’s advisor during the first session of attendance. The plan helps students keep on track of their educational goal and aids the University in appropriately scheduling classes.

Question: I’ve heard a lot about certifications and/or licensing in my field of study, but am unsure who to talk to regarding whether such certification is right for me.
Answer: It is best to contact your Department Chair who can either directly help or provide you with contact information. Department Chairs and faculty are listed in the graduate catalog which is available on the portal.

Question: Are graduate internships available?
Answer: In most of Davenport University’s graduate programs either an internship or practicum is an option. If interested, contact both your advisor and your Department Chair.

Question: How long do I have to complete my degree?
Answer: Beginning at the completion of the first master’s degree-relevant course, the graduate student has a six-year time limit to complete the requirements for a master’s degree. If a student fails to complete these requirements within this time period, all credits will be reevaluated.

Question: When should I begin graduation preparation?
Answer: Two semesters before anticipated graduation, the student should meet with his or her advisor. The advisor will provide information on Grad Salute and application for graduation, as well as information regarding who to see for career services help.